nd darkness, and even the teacher no longer trusted her. But she Who can blame? In the twinkling of an eye, I went to the MidAutumn Festival for a holiday. Jing Meng is doing homework in the room, Si Yu is watching TV dramas in the living room, and Jin Hao is playing with the new flower seedlings she has just planted in the garden. “Hey, this what? Jin Min heard the sound, and the purpose was to see a big boy who had never seen him. He looked at her through an iron fence. He smiled and looked handsome. He dragged a small suitcase and wore a cap. Behind him, he slowly followed two malelike wedding car rentals in Xi’an. The only difference was hair and glasses. Kim Jongsang responded: “Oh, big, two, three, three! You are all back!” Are you the golden aunt recommended by their family? Jiang Han raised his eyebrows. “Oh, it’s me. Three are good. Kim Mindo,” This is the flower seedling I just bought, waiting for the fall to open. I will go in and call Meng Meng. When Jing Meng came out of the house, the three male Xi’an wedding car rentals in the house snorted for a moment. Jing Meng screamed: “Big brother? Second brother? Third brother? Jiang Han twitched and raised his hand: “What is your head? Jing Meng touched it and reacted. She couldn’t help but spit out her tongue: “This is the hair band that Lu Ning bought before me. I used it to tie my hair when I was at home. I can put the bangs up, it is quite convenient. Jiang Han: “Is this a hair band? ! Is this not a rabbit ear? ! Forgive him for not having entered the female dormitory, the original girl can still have so many messy things. He couldn’t help himself with his inner commotion, and reached out, and a pink rabbit ear that had been standing there was smashed by him and became a lop eared rabbit. “The trough… This is fun… Jiang Han couldn’t help but bite the fingers of the Xi’an wedding team. Why are the girls’ things so interesting! “So what… big, two, three, three, are you sitting first? Si Yu stood on the side and scratched his head. “I went into the