to half, the audience in the live broadcast room had already blown up. When the entire makeup was completed, the live broadcast room was already hungry and roaring. If the usual live broadcasts seem like a calm and slightly swaying spring water, then the live broadcast room should be a flood and tsunami, a volcanic eruption… All the gestures of destroying the earth can describe the live broadcast room. “God, did I see the gods? Is there any numbness in the live room? Can you tell me if you don’t mind one more daughter-in-law?” “Hahahahaxiaxia, you calm down a little, self-tapping, you have to control, you have to control “Our self!” “What should I do? I am a big man watching the anchor’s face, but I can’t move my eyes. Ma Ma, I am going to bend me, I am afraid of the duck QAQ” “In fact, just after the entire makeup is completed, I think it has been very good. Later, the makeup artist is again After adding a sum, I almost gave me an emergency, and I was afraid of adding a snake. But look now, that tears are the finishing touch! “To tell the truth, if I am a werewolf, watching this face in the summer, I may choose to be a hahaha… I will die under the peony, and I will be a ghost (≧ω≦)/” “All the people in the room, ask Please wake up, how can you all immerse yourself in the beauty of the summer. Isn’t it time to look at escape games? Escape? Escape! When I saw the last barrage, Xia Yiyi finally remembered his duties afterwards. He moved his eyes away from the mirror. To be honest, the face in the mirror looked for a long time, even if he had something. Self-tapping is a bit too exaggerated. After all, this face has been seen for more than 20 years. But it is really impossible to see more, it is easy to shake the mind. It is not that the five senses have changed, but the momentum is real. It’s too arrogant, and people dare not look at these eyes. Xia Yi looked back at the agent and asked: “When does the rehearsal start? “Oh, don’t look at me with this kind of look.” Uh… I didn’t find out how long you lo