der, it was a whisper of a while. Chen Bin waited for a while, his arms shouted: “You, I am not waiting! Tubo people do not know when will come, Rock enemies do not know when will come, this time we blocked, next time, what do we take? We must As soon as possible, I will go to the Fenhua Mountain, and I will not be willing to leave the old house. Although I stay here, I will be conceited and conceited!” Chen Bin said, and he walked away, and the Chen family in the crowd immediately followed. Everyone whispered for a while, and after a while, the other three people also dispersed, and the rest of Wang Chao’s family screamed around the oldest of the family. ****** “You are very good!” Li Yu looked at Chen Bin, who had just arrived at the folding hill just after noon, and smiled. Chen Bin humbly squats in front of him: “The land of the four wars in Ji County, from the peace of nowhere, the lord of the lord, the sky is empty. I am suffering in the county, all rely on the glory of the lord, the lord does not accept, Chen Bin Lishui went back and forth two steps, gently patted the whip in the palm of his hand: “But, the prince does not have the right to grant an official, it is not good to call you into the army, otherwise you can appoint a military.” Since you have come, you can’t grieve you, how can this be good. It is worse than you and so on, the prince will ask you for the court…” Chen Bin heard, hurry and kneel two steps, shaking hands: “No No, Chen Bin He De He can, dare to ask the prince to ask for official positions. Sir Alex is willing to take care of the Chen family, sheltering tranquility, Chen’s whole family is already grateful to Dade. Chen Bin asked the whole family to invest under Sir Alex Ferguson. The courtier, please Sir Alex, I promised.” Li Yu brows a wrinkle: “This is not good …, once it became a family member, but life and life, forever a family, you are the Binhai Hao, the lord now if you are a guest, It’s inevitable that people will gossip about robbery, and the lord’s work has always b