ce. As a result, we have become an entertaining species – Neil Bozeman . Remember the mobile version of the website: m. ———— The 577th chapter of the fierce and brutal game scene cheers and applause through the passage, faintly passed into the dressing room of the back venue. “… Remember? As long as possible, he will definitely look for opportunities in the first round to defend you, defense, your ability to fight and defense is enough to ensure that you support the first round. This is not your own championship battle, you understand!” Gu Ba boxing coach Roque bent over his hands and put his hands on the shoulders of the boxer Alfonso with a towel, looking cold Said. “I understand! Don’t worry, coach.” Alfonso replied blankly. He knew that the most stressful thing was coach Roque. After all, it was because of his reasons that he had all the problems facing Nanjing Sauna Smith. The ancient Ba players were completely left without dignity by KO. I heard that the domestic leaders have paid attention to this game. If they are also KO endings, they will be laughed at after returning home. “I have to say that the speed and strength of Nanjing Sauna Smith is indeed a lot higher than that of amateurs, but he only practiced for a year, and there are still flaws in experience and skills. Defensive, looking for opportunities to fight back, breaking him did not let opponents get One point of myth, through the first round, we can lose, but he… Listening to the cheers outside, the world is watching a game, he can’t afford to lose!” Rock sullen, Outside is a cheer like a tsunami, sneering and cheering on his disciples. “Get ready, let’s go!” Alfonso’s eyes were cold and intimate with the help of an assistant coach, and walked out of the locker room behind coach Roque. The athletes did not look at the staff except the staff. To the American team. “Nanjing sauna, do you understand? Pirates fist, don’t let him hug and delay time, OK?” Nanjing sauna boring chewing gum, stretching arms to let assistant coaches wear glove