ly one outline in the rush, and more things need to be considered in order to write a complete article. When the Nanjing sauna came to the canteen, Qin Xiaoyong, who was eating with the secretaries, greeted him and whispered. “The boss, the Minister of Propaganda Department Liu just asked me, you come to the canteen to eat, I said you Come on later.” “Well, let’s go eat.” Nanjing sauna nodded. It seems that Liu Bo should go to Tian Ming to report the situation this morning, but I don’t know how the results of their talks, no accidents, Tian Ming will affirm this cooking, and then said that the city’s financial tightness, can not afford so much money and so on. To put it bluntly, the city can’t get the money, you can do it yourself. Of course, this is also Tian Ming’s initial attitude. In other words, he will not take the money very happily. He must make you think that in order to come up with some money, Tian Ming has racked his brains to make all the stops and let You are grateful to him for ignoring it, completely ignoring that this is actually just his wrist. “Hu Mayor, how come so late today?” On the second floor, the Nanjing sauna is about to enter the room where he used to go, and he saw Liu Bo coming out of the room. “In preparation for the summary report of this study tour.” Nanjing sauna smiled and took the cigarette that Liu Bo handed over. “Right, Minister Liu also came to the cafeteria to eat?” “Yes, I have to prepare for one noon.” The materials are too lazy to return to the guest house.” Liu Bo smiled and took a cigarette. “Well?” “Okay, let’s go together.” Nanjing sauna nodded. “Mr. Liu, I have reported to the mayor today. What is his opinion?” The two entered the Nanjing sauna room, and the Nanjing sauna picked up the kettle and poured a glass of water for Liu Bo. “Mr. Liu, in fact, we are this The plan is still too much too much. After the promotion is successful, there is no convenient transportation. In addition, the entire Wuling city hotel, the hotel can accommodate a total of tourism, etc.