re the end of the winter, considering that the climate in the south is milder than in the north, the seasonal impact in winter will be minimized. It is estimated that the weather will definitely pick up in a month or so, and the worry about non-combat casualties will also be Can relax. As the weather picks up, the new troubles that Lu Zhe faces will definitely come again. It is necessary to know that the rotation of the season will always let the next rain of the gods inform the sentient beings that “the mood of Laozi has changed”, while the south is rich in forests and the climate is special. It’s endless and there’s an intermittent one. If you want to stop working, you should take into account the impact of the rainy season. In the half-month to solve the Baiyue people around Luo County, Lu Zhe is seeking this, so how fast the troops can exercise. The existence of the cavalry is used to continuously compress the living space of the Baiyue people, and also to annihilate any Baiyue people who may escape by the speed of the cavalry. While the cavalry plays its own role, the movement of the infantry is full of tests. The task of the infantry is very heavy. They need to advance while destroying or garrisoning the main road, and may need to reserve enough reserve teams. Come and catch up with the Baiyue people who broke into the forest. Ground Lee is the factor that every military commander must consider. The terrain of Changsha County is very complicated because there are many water systems. It is simply that Lu Zhe’s Xi’an wedding car rental has a water army. This water army is not very good at telling the truth. After all, it has just been less than a month. The practice is extremely lacking. But it should be no problem to use the river to harass and prevent the Baiyue people from crossing the river. With the assistance of the water army, in order to prevent Baiyue from fleeing to the south, it is only necessary to guard the road. Then the role of Luo Sha’s troops is revealed. Luo Yao’s 180,000-strong force