tal of 32 yuan. On the side of the man in a black shirt pulled out the wallet, and the hand that handed her money was still tattooed with a dragon. Seeing the banknotes, Gu Yuyi wrinkled his eyebrows and touched his chin and said: “I can’t spend this money, can you change one?” “Can’t you spend it?” Tian Hao thought it was Zhang □ □, took over the banknote and touched the collar of the Xi’an wedding car rental. “The boss, this money is true. Gu Yuyi gave him a look, he ignored the customer and asked the customer again. “Can you change one?” Before I even waited for the father to speak, Tian Hao interjected: “Boss, this is really a real money. If you don’t believe me, I will exchange the money of my Xi’an wedding team with you. I will spend it tomorrow. If the flowers are not I went out to live and eat Xiang. Bai Hao looked at him with interest, “I am looking forward to it. Gu Yuyi: “I am also looking forward to it. He said so, Gu Yuyi no longer stopped him, turned and started to make milk tea. Waiting for the last wave of Xi’an wedding car rental, the store was restored to clean. Next door The work of the house Xi’an wedding car rentals have come back to Xi’an wedding car team Xi’an wedding car rental back to the hotel to rest. When leaving, Gu Yuyi smiled and looked at Tian Hao: “Looking forward to your performance tomorrow. Bai Hao patted him on the shoulder. “The real man Xi’an wedding car rental said it was done. Tian Hao is not willing to show weakness. “This money is absolutely true, you will be good tomorrow. On the way back to the hotel, Xiao Wang “Do you have a Xi’an wedding car rental guy who is with me? It is the one who dyed linen hair. “No? Are you going out? When I heard the answer, Zhu Yan’s whispered and cried. “It’s over, it’s over. I won’t pick it up tonight. I saw her crying so badly, the fat voice softened.” “Don’t cry, maybe go out. What? “Can’t get out. “Why? “The door was locked from the outside by the uncle. The big man slammed forward and the flesh on his face shook.