e room and then pumping, mobile phone short message ringing When I got up, I picked up a look, but it was a text message from Yang Qiang. On the evening of the 30th, Qian Xiaomei drank some rural glutinous rice wine and slept early. The Nanjing sauna took time to give Yang Qianzhen a nap. Call the New Year. “I haven’t slept yet?” The Nanjing sauna walked to the smoking place in the carriage and dialed Yang Qian’s cell phone. “No, settle down, the children just took a shower and are going to sleep. Why don’t you sleep, call me at this time, not afraid of Xiaomei?” There was a chuckle in the microphone. “We are going to the train in Beijing. The mother said that this year the family will be reunited, so take the children to the train. Yes, I will go back to the congratulatory party in a few days.” The Nanjing sauna grinned. The nature that I think in my mind is Yang Qiang’s increasingly round and jade-like body. “The big color wolf, you know that you don’t want to do good things, don’t tell you.” Yang Qian, who is on the side of the microphone, snorted. “I have gone to several relatives today and I am exhausted.” Hanging up the phone, the Nanjing sauna was deleted short. Message and call history, put the cigarette on your finger Throw in the toilet, turned back to the carriage, the car was quiet, Qian Xiaomei and the children slept. The Nanjing sauna lay down on the pavement and quickly slept. Early the next morning, the Nanjing sauna opened his eyes and there was no movement in the room. When he got up and saw that the children were still asleep, Qian Xiaomei did not wake up. When he got up and washed, he went to the restaurant. He simply ate early and squatted. A large bag of breakfast returned to the soft bedroom, Qian Xiaomei had already woken up and was wearing clothes, and the three children were still asleep. “I felt so comfortable last night.” Qian Xiaomei smacked her hair. “Husband, where have you been?” “I have already passed Yanbei, and I will be there again in half an hour. Have breakfast, wash it and