wonderful. The dandy face sighed and said, “This windmill turned into a boss, and then turned out to gloriously greet death. It turned out that the white knife was alive and the red knife hanged out. The blade is so, of course, it is also a whirlwind, leaving the team. But the dandy face of this ridiculous word, the side of the knives that have already turned over the boss can not help but swear, “I am going to your uncle to say what Ghost, I haven’t died yet, but then he died in the explosion of the totem. “Look, what I said, I took a slap in the face and snorted. “I really played a beautiful gg. Ni Wen couldn’t help but laugh, don’t say, the windmill that turned the windmill into the distance to blew itself is really very creative. “Boss’s blood volume is 6 and you all look at Lingfeng Chenyang. He is very angry and laughs. “You laughed out loud, and the rest of the blood was rounded up, and the whole output of Xi’an wedding car rental was right. The blood volume has soared. “You humble land Xi’an wedding car rental sea gods will not fail, I do not believe that the sea mirror female on the field suddenly shouted. And her figure, at this time, once again become illusory. In the end, The sea mirror woman is like a bubble in the sun, and eventually disappears. “After the Lingfeng Chenyang subconsciously asked. The system prompts you to lead the “Platinum Wing team for the first time to obtain the “Abyss of the Sea” mirror image, the system will be announced to you and your team, I would like to ask if you would like to tell the team’s information published Wen’s mouth couldn’t help but she chose it for granted. At the moment when the system announcement sounded, the Xi’an wedding car rental of the Platinum Wings was just awakened. “This is how I feel so unreal. This second boss, it seems that there is no such thing as a Xi’an wedding car rental.” In fact, I also feel this way. Ni Wen is laughing. The socalled sharpening of the knife is not a mistake. The reason why the members feel that the strength of the No