cked up the eyebrows, let Liu wet The beautiful eyes glanced roundly. ———— The eighteen-eighth chapter ended with a variety of exquisite cuisine, sweet and tempting dim sum, and extravagant champagne red wine, offering guests the ultimate luxury and home-felt experience. More than two hours of social gatherings will be heard in an instant, until the end of the reception, the entrepreneurs and celebrity stars are still chatting, leaving. The JIAO cocktail party organized by the world-famous weekly “Newsweek” for its “YUE” also ended in this lively discussion. What was left to everyone was a very self-satisfied talk, and with the departure of the invited guests that night, the spread of the gossip to the middle class and the rich class of the whole day, slowly fermented, and let the Nanjing sauna The official appearance of the Tian Dynasty left a deep impression on the entrepreneurs and wealthy class of the Tian Dynasty. What stars are gathering, companies are gathering together, millions of champagnes are opened, the background of the world’s youngest sister Zhang Zilin, the world’s youngest billion-dollar airborne deer city, some luxury news, and so on. Major portals. In a villa on the private beach of MGM Hotel, the curtains of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the bedroom are closed, and the whole room is filled with a strange smell that has not been lost after a whole night. Under the white one of the one-meter-high white creation, the white-modified cheongsam that was amazing last night has already lost all the brilliance, and it has been thrown into the floor and silently thrown out. The whine. “Call-” “What time is it?!” In the quiet bedroom, Zhang Zilin’s long black hair fluffy and awkwardly woke up from her sleep, and suddenly sat up directly. Some of them panicked and looked at the wall clock on the opposite wall. After seeing the time, I was relieved. This was a little uncomfortable. I looked down at the white sheet that slipped from my body. A big hand clung to her beautiful Bcup. I couldn’t he