Run away. “Oh, Xu Feng runs fast enough. Lin Biao sneered, “Goddess, you let him go like this? Gu Yuyi replied for her, “Nothing, Xu Feng now has only two fires. In the middle of the night, there are a few more Xi’an wedding car rentals on the shoulders. Zhao Dandan hit a chill, “old… Boss, what do you mean? “There are three fires on Xi’an wedding rental car, one on top of the head and two on the shoulder. These three fires maintain the balance of Xi’an wedding car rental. Xi’an wedding car rental without a fire can not only see ghosts, but also be easy to be The upper body. Gu Yuyi explained, look at Xu Nan, “Do you have any obsessions? Xu Nan pondered for a while and finally shook his head. “Since you have no obsession, how do I send you to life? Xu Nan was shocked. “Can you send me to life?” Gu Yuyi nodded. Take a cup of milk tea from the incubator and draw the array with one hand. Her fingertips with a touch of golden light, in the wedding of the three Xi’an wedding car, the milk tea gradually glowed milky. Gu Yuyi handed the milk tea to Xu Nan. “Don’t be surprised, just drink it. Milk tea can let me put it into the spirit and release it. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.” Lin Biao wonders aside. “Boss, what is this Sao operation? “Although I can send you to go to life, but where the punishment of the local government is still indispensable, you understand? Xu Nan looked at the golden tea in front of him, and smiled bitterly. Lin Biao interjected, “punish? “Do you think that the ghosts killing Xi’an wedding car rentals are so arbitrary? All ghosts who have lost their lives will be punished and then reincarried. After listening to her explanation, Lin Biao is angry. “But…but the goddess is Xi’an wedding car rental killed. Xu Nan gently twitched his sleeve. “Alin, don’t say it. I was ready to choose this road. She went to Gu Kaiyi and said a whisper in her ear. I only listened to the sound of the jingle, the moment the cup fell to the ground. Xu Nan’s body shape gradually changed, the white skin of her bod