“This is not suitable as a battlefield.” At least not suitable for us. “Lu Zhebi draws the forest covered by the surrounding area. “Only the empty area of ??about five miles can only add to the oil war. We don’t have many enemy troops. We always add oil even if we win every time. It will consume our army’s physical strength. The killing will also make a large number of enemies The army slowly took over a larger number of people. Su Lie asked: “This is why the Lord will choose to avoid the war?” Lu Zhe shook his head: “No. On the one hand, it is to compile our soldiers into the army, on the other hand…” Li Yuncong was very out of date interrupted: “Compiled into a military?” The Lord will be joking! How can an army become a military when it is said to be a military. The team officials looked angrily at Li Yuncong, who also held the identity of the generals. The Lv Zhe’s disapproval of Li Yuncong’s attitude was that he was too lazy to take care of it. He took a look at the team officers and turned to face the public. Five hundred masters: “On the other hand, I am angering you. “What!? The five hundred owners are all wrong. They need an answer. “Yes, it is to irritate you.” Lu Zhe laughed and laughed: “You actually didn’t think of me as a master, but you have to obey the military law.” I don’t expect to be loved by you, waiting to defeat this Baiyue person after returning to Jiangling, you…” Mei Lan stood up: “The Lord will not be arrogant, and the people speak a little, but have to say a few words. He looked at the robes and raised the volume. “Since the riots in Yiling, dare to ask who is doing more than the Lord?” Who can not only stop the Yiling rebellion, but also integrate the current armed forces? Who can calmly think after Jiangling was attacked, not because the mind is ignoring the enemy’s side and immediately supporting Jiangling, and the only force that can support Jiangling faces the possible destruction? A series of questions, some people said that they were embarrassed, and more were thinking. “