selling place” of the largest hei help Luolin 20S in the southwest region. It is also the largest distribution center in Los Angeles. Most of the stolen goods and stolen goods will be concentrated here, and then quickly transferred to all parts of the country. To find the lost property, then the person who is looking for the Rollin 20S is right!” Joseph, who has been replaced by special equipment, looks at a dilapidated three-story building on the corner of the street with a telescope. An iron-enclosed security door is closed, while the second floor is still lit, sometimes from time to time. Walk around. “Well, Hansen, trouble you, then, when the matter is over, I invite you to drink.” Joseph put down the telescope and grinned, revealing a white tooth. Hansen smiled, opened the door, and hit a fist with Joseph, erected the collar of the coat, and immediately got off the car and disappeared in the morning. “Mustain, free to fire, get intelligence, clear…” “yea sir!”. . . . . . “Hey, hey-” “FXXK! Now it’s time, come, don’t knock, bastard…” A sturdy, tattooed Latino-headed brawny man yelled at the door that was constantly slamming With. “Hey–” “Bastard, if the things you bring can’t satisfy us, I will explode your xx… um?” “湫-” The silencer makes a slight sound on the head, 13 belts Fully armed with black hoods quickly broke into. “stick together team…” The iron gate was closed and the hei helper who fell to the ground was dragged aside. Just finished, taking a little girl who fell asleep, Luo Lin 20S store small head, was awakened by sudden pain, clutching the strong arm holding his hair and dragging his mouth, a painful call in his mouth The woman on the top seems to be too embarrassed, completely sleeping like a dead pig. boom! Still in the “Xie Te Xie” loudly cursed small heads slammed their feet, hoping to alleviate the pain caused by being dragged, feeling the big hand holding their hair loose, just want to look up and dare to look at Luo Lin 20S When the jerk who couldn’t get through was the big fo