wer was shaped like a gossip. What is the demon evil town under the tower, but also wants to rejuvenate the demon. But it is just a matter of keeping alive. If you want to completely eradicate it, you have to look at God. After Cui Laodao caught the demon, the river demon was burnt into ash, and it was buried in the altar and buried under the tower. After many years, he finally waited for the thunder and demon, and destroyed it together with the stone tower. Soon Tianjin City was flooded again. Others don’t know, Cui Laodao understands that it is only because this river demon has a long history and it will have a vision after the thunder, which has attracted floods. However, after this flood, Tianjin City will not have floods for many years. 2 The stupid young master catches the demon and has merits. Only Cui Laodao understands the cause and effect. He himself is completely unclear. He thinks that the old man in black is gone, and the family wealth will be saved. Every day, he eats a lot of money and spends a lot of money. He was also deceived by people, and Jinshan Yinshan could not stand. So toss, at the end of the family lost a fine light. The former silly young master’s family was too rich. When the father was alive, he set up a good farmland. He didn’t have to cultivate it himself. He rented it to the tenants at the end of the year. Not only that, the family’s real estate does not have ten hutongs, but also rented out to others to live, hardcore crops like rent, and also opened the number of pawnshops. Silly young master, he knows that his son is short of heart, worried that he will close his eyes after a hundred years, and this baby son will be left unattended. In order to save some money for the stupid son, the old man found someone to cast eighteen arhats in gold. He told him to remember three words from time to time, “debt money, don’t ask for money, don’t have money to play monk,” not only is teasing. The child’s jingle is also the way to leave for his son. The money lending is not a pawn shop, borrowi