ot me…” ———— The first slogan of the second motto of the Secret Olympics, which cannot be said in the Olympic Village: “The village, Not to be rumored.” From the delegations of various countries to the Olympic Village, that is, since then, “the secret game in the village” has begun. This seems to be the first day of college. I feel a little nervous, but I am also very excited. Everyone starts to look at it and hook it up. Even if it is not what everyone expected, it is very understandable. A large group of super-healthy young people have received the same intensity training as military training for several years. Suddenly, everyone was placed in a closed space that was disturbed by paparazzi and skeptical parents. . . The air before the game was full of hormonal atmosphere, and the concentration seemed to start to rise rapidly. At this time, all the athletes in the Olympic Village reduced the training intensity, but they maintained the training diet. Every day, I still need the calories needed for training, but I don’t want to train. There is nowhere to use the jing force. Every day I see a variety of girls from all over the world. The entire Olympic Village has become a melting pot, even though the Olympic Village in Beijing has deliberately avoided this problem and even changed the Olympic practice of free distribution of small raincoats. . . Still can’t stop the gunmen who accidentally opened the PAO room, the big men who fought in the four-player, the Germans who were not as happy as the Lele, the diving team that was based on the qing, and the true love in the village. . . . . . In the early morning of the next morning, in the spacious dormitory with closed curtains, Alison was awake when the mobile phone was fixed. The sleepy eyes of the blind eyes opened hard, and the mobile phone that grabbed the continuous sound was pressed and closed. eye. “Why do you want to set such an early time?” Alison felt the unscrupulous claws of Lushan. “It was time to get up and training…” Nanjing sauna tightly cl

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ficialdom. Chicken flying dog jumps. The Nanjing sauna sighed. “And, Minister Qiu made a decision in the Standing Committee, so it made such an election storm. In fact, apart from causing a little trouble to the provincial party committee, I think Minister Qiu is a big man.” The idea of ??work is also quite good. Zuo Xiaomei heard a sigh of relief, looked up at the Nanjing sauna and looked at the Nanjing sauna face with a faint smile. She vaguely understood that Qiu Fenghua’s idea of ??working at the National People’s Congress was quite good. Does that mean Chen Jia? Want to let Qiu Fenghua go to the National People’s Congress? The director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress is usually served by the secretary of the provincial party committee. Wang Maoliang’s strong personality will naturally not give up the position of the director of the National People’s Congress. If Qiu Fenghua goes to the provincial people’s congress, he can only serve as the deputy director. The provincial party committee organization minister went to the provincial people’s congress as the deputy director, and the position was flat, but the power was almost different. The organization minister was the seat of the official hat, or the provincial party committee. The deputy director of the provincial people’s congress did not have any real power. Fenghua is going to serve as deputy governor and he is much more deputy director of this NPC. From the provincial party committee, the provincial party committee organization minister was kicked out of the power of Jiangnan Province, which is absolutely unacceptable for Qiu Fenghua, Qiu Fenghua obviously I also realized this, so he has been moving away from activities during this time. After all, the governor Guan Pingzhi is a Chen family. Although Qiu Fenghua is also in the face, but the strength of his department with Chen Jia is still a bit thin. Now he wants to make a move in the election, stepping on the Nanjing sauna, Chen can easily put After him? And once Guan Pi

of the hand, the Nanjing sauna turned around and saw the woman lying motionless on the bed, not in the air. Under the black, a muddy glow in the dim light. “Da, big, I will look at the children first.” Nanjing sauna reached out and picked up the quilt on the ground, covered the woman, then walked to the door and reached out to explore the little girl’s nose, gently relieved, Turned around and found a rope to tie up the brawny who had passed out and threw him into the yard. Splashes of dust from a place. The Nanjing sauna looked up and saw the east of the distant sky. The sun was about to come out, and the layers of white clouds were stained with blood red and red. Chapter 003 The anti-terrorist hero train ran fast on the rails, and the trees on both sides of the track flew back in a lightning-fast manner. The wheels of the train circulated on the rails at high speed, making a sound of “conditions, and conditions.” The curtains and blinds in front of the window glass of the train have been beautifully tied up like a butterfly that wants to fly. The sun shines through the glass and throws it on the body of the Nanjing sauna, so that the body has been removed. The camouflage suit with the epaulettes is more obsolete. In the hands of the Nanjing sauna, there is a chess piece, and the brow is slightly twisted. The situation is very good at the moment. Just wait for him to knock out the other side’s bottom phase, and then form a fierce combination of the rear cannon. In the blink of an eye, only a faint uneasiness in his heart, it seems that Lao Li will not be so easy to let himself succeed. Lao Li is actually not old. It looks like he is fifty years old. He has a big back and his forehead looks shiny and bright with a hint of bright yellow. According to the statement of the Nanjing sauna grandfather Hu Banxian, that is the official residence of this person. Excellent, it must be a big official. Although the Nanjing sauna does not quite believe in the superstitions of Grandpa, he also feels that Lao Li is not simple,