ommentator next to the showcase. “Sorry lady, this is probably not…” “No problem, please wait a moment, this lady can do it right away.” Pan Xiaolin interrupted the female employee’s words with a smile, smiled and said to Li Xiaoying, from the pocket Take out the key and open the showcase. Li Xiaoying looked at the other person with a little surprise, and smiled slightly: “That is bothering you, Chen Lao, you are in the palm of your hand.” “Polite…” The situation here caught the attention of some viewers. Like to make a fun, look at a novelty, especially the combination of Li Xiaoying, whether it is a foreigner, or a foreigner, is a petite and feminine woman is the leader, this is a bit interesting. “No problem, Myanmar old pit glass is full of green birthday bracelets, designed as “three rounds and one”, that is, the outer circle, the inner circle, the ring circle, the whole body is covered with the most beautiful green, the style is elegant and elegant, meaning “full circle, Fushou Ankang.” The expert named Chen Lao put the handle bracelet back on the bracket and praised it. “Excuse me, what is your surname?” Li Xiaoying asked with a quiet smile on Pan Xiaolin. . . . . . . The Nanjing sauna is still very recognized for the scarcity of jade. After all, the mines that produce the jadeite are some of them, the more they are mined, and the Asians’ pursuit of jade, the cultural pursuit of the emperor, the treacherousness of the Burmese. The emeralds have made a crazy rise in the next few years, and now hoarding is definitely a good deal. The cheerful Nanjing sauna thought of it, and couldn’t help but be more happy. At this time, his personal mobile phone rang again. He didn’t look at it. He picked it up and asked Mandarin directly: “Have you bought it?” It’s me, Roman, are you waiting for a call?” The Nanjing sauna couldn’t help but look at the phone a little bit, and then smiled and responded: “Nothing, I thought it was my subordinate to the heavens. Called, Roman, are you in the US? Why are you calling me

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and then the opposite bullet rushed like a rainstorm. After a magazine was finished, the Nanjing sauna was forced to a foot. The whole body immediately flashed to a big tree and quickly changed into a unit price. The chest suddenly came with a burst of pain in the cone. Looking down, it was faintly visible. A blood in the chest is constantly flowing out. The sweat on the forehead was wiped off by hand. The Nanjing sauna twisted the neck, the left foot quickly applied a little force, and the right foot was swayed at the same time. At the same time, the finger was forced to pull the trigger, and the angry dragon was sprayed again in the hand. “Hey, hey, hey” The bullet shell that came out of the gun machine fell like a raindrop. The Nanjing sauna quickly moved to prevent itself from being locked by the other sniper. As long as they got the time, they could take the sniper. dig it out. “Dangdang!” There was a crisp voice coming from the ear. The Nanjing sauna was trembled. He was familiar with the sound. This was the sound of the gun. He only felt a sharp pain in his forehead, and immediately a bit of coldness followed the spine. The whole body spreads out! “Ah!” The Nanjing sauna shouted and turned over. The sweat was falling like a raindrop. The front of the body was dark and his hands slammed his cheeks. The sweat flowed down the gap between his fingers. The curtains were stretched out and the streetlights in the camp were illuminated through the glass windows. It was dawn, and it was time to leave. The Nanjing sauna sighed and reached out to open the quilt and got up to pack up. Two months ago, the head of the regiment political office asked him to talk about it, saying that he could consider his personal problems. Nanjing Sauna knew that since the battle in the jungle of South Asia a few years ago, his mentality has changed a lot. The requirements for the soldiers are becoming more and more stringent, and have caused dissatisfaction with the superiors. But how can those people who are high above know how to ge

t on the battlefield, more points, more chances to live, more sweating, less bloody slogans in wartime, how many people will really put it in the heart on? Who can feel the pain of watching the brothers fall down one by one on the battlefield? Only the Nanjing sauna, who has experienced the battlefield killing, will have a deep understanding, but these are some out of date in the eyes of some heads! The walk, the Nanjing sauna straight up the waist, looked at the bedroom, he has not many things, as early as two months ago, he has mailed some things back, and today he only has a backpack. The Nanjing sauna slowly unloaded the epaulettes on the military uniforms and unloaded the flowers. From today, he is no longer an officer of the Republic, but a retired soldier who is waiting to be assigned. Stretching his hand and opening the door, a cold wind rushed to the face, the Nanjing sauna took a deep breath, strode out and then went back and looked back at the dormitory where he stayed for two years. In the early morning of the winter camp, it was very quiet. The wind blew up the dead leaves on the ground. The Nanjing sauna stayed for a long time. I decided to go to the flag-raising station to see it. He was the second-class work announced by the regiment political department there. Become the youngest deputy battalion commander of the whole group! He became the focus of the officers and men of the whole regiment, but no one remembered those who were always buried in a foreign country, those brothers who sacrificed their lives in southern Xinjiang, the brother who helped him block bullets! The cold wind blew, and the blood-red five-star red flag hunted. The Nanjing sauna stands under the flagpole for a long time. For a long time, he slowly raises his hand and solemnly respects a military ceremony, although he has Without the epaulettes, there is no collar flower, but his military posture is still solemnly promoted, and the military service is still as standard as ever! The battalion houses where the soldiers lived in t