as a three-year-old.” Chen Pengyu hung up the phone, face There was a faint smile on it. “My brother-in-law, how is it, is it lively here?” Le Yu took a glass of wine in his hand and walked to the side of the Nanjing sauna. He saw that he was looking at the beautiful woman singing on the center stage of the hall. He smiled. “Don’t look at her as a big star.” In a while, it is no different from ordinary people. Drinking and smoking, playing mahjong.” “Fortunately, it’s just a little unexpected. Does the owner of this bar have a head?” Nanjing Sauna shook his head and turned his eyes to the side of the bar, Qian Xiaomei and Mia. The two are talking hot, and two girls are sitting with them. “Of course, here is not the average person, if you go to those more secret meetings I will be even more surprised. “Let’s laugh,” “If you come back to Beijing to work, you can often participate in this kind of party. The network is built like this.” “Forget it, I am born in mud, and this kind of big occasion is not suitable for me.” The Nanjing sauna shook his head. “Yes, what about your Liao Yulin? Why haven’t you arrived yet?” “I just found a reason to go out and drink with you. I really thought you would come to see people.” “Let’s scream, and the chin is lifted. “Hey, play darts with people over there, right, listen to Xiaomei, you are playing this very powerful, and you have won Hana Qian?” “That is Hanako who gave me.” “Nanjing sauna laughs, drink a cup of wine in a cup, look down at the glass,” “Lee, today someone asked you to call me and Xiaomei, or you think.” “Let’s take a look and look up at the Nanjing sauna.” What happened? “I just saw Chen Pengyu coming in.” “Nanjing sauna laughs, if it is just a coincidence, then it is all right. If it is a deliberate arrangement of a person, then the deep meaning behind it must be worth pondering. “You, really, everything is on the plot. “Leo suddenly understands and giggles. “Today is my temporary decision to pull you out to drink. Of course, let me help you test Liao Yulin b

n fact, these arguments can be established in other developed cities. The same is true for those deep cities. In one breath, he said that for an hour, Wang Mingyuan also came to give him two waters, and the tea was so scented. However, looking at the expression of Zhu Xing, the Nanjing sauna could not help but have a sense of pride. Nima, Laozi’s homework was not done. As for whether Zhu Xing will follow suit, it is not his business. “Nanjing Sauna, thank you.” Zhu Xing smiled and thanked the Nanjing sauna. “I’ve talked with you for so long today, and I’ve got a lot of money. Really, I didn’t think of it myself.” “I can’t think of your little age. There is such a knowledge, not simple, it is not the grandson of Chen Lao, the old Chen family is followed by someone.” “Mayor Zhu, you have won the prize, don’t praise me, I will be proud.” Nanjing sauna I smiled awkwardly. “Never talk nonsense, don’t go to your heart.” “This is not a nonsense. Really speaking, the economic construction of developed cities is facing these problems.” Zhu Xing shook his head, eyes Staring at the eyes of the Nanjing sauna, “Yes, you are now at the deputy department level. Are you interested in coming to the deep city to help me? The matter of mobilization will be handled by me. I will come to the city government as the secretary-general. It’s not impossible for you to be the deputy mayor, and it’s not impossible to enter the Standing Committee!” Nima, the deputy mayor of the deputy provincial city, has a big temptation. The Nanjing sauna has widened his eyes. Zhu Xing, “Mayor Zhu, you can’t afford to see me too. If I am just Zhao Zuo, I will only talk about it on paper. Then, are you not losing money?” “No, you guys can’t be me.” “Hidden Tibetans in front of you.” Zhu Xing laughed. “I know a little about your experience. The things you did are really very good, how are you, are you interested?” “This, this, can you let me go back?” I thought, I would like to ask the opinions of my family, or my grandfather will marry me, sayi

ease 10 films produced by Marvel in the next 8 years. The Nanjing sauna heard that it was not wrinkled by the brows. Nima, the people who were really arrogant were all a group of pit goods, filled in a pit, and turned and dug a deep pit to bury themselves. Al saw the boss. Depressed expression, can not help but sympathize with the heart, the boss’s fancy company is completely dead with the gene. “However, the real situation that I am inquiring about is that there is another version. The real request for the recovery of the IP rights of this group of superheroes is the new ceo Kevin Page, the Marvel Entertainment subsidiary Marvel Entertainment. He wants to put Marvel. The character is bought back, then made into a movie, and the various characters are like comics, there is an intersection in the movie.” Nanjing sauna eyes are slightly stunned, it seems that this Kevin Page is the real talent, it should be his perfect structure. The Marvel movie universe. “Although Marvel worked hard to negotiate, it did not buy back all copyrights. The copyrights of “X-Men” and “Spider-Man” still belong to the 20th Century Fox Film Company and Sony Pictures.” The Nanjing sauna directly turned a blind eye, he But knowing how much Fox and Sony are shameless, these two series almost let them dry out, especially Sony’s little spider, Nima is unable to spit. “Is there any good news that I need…” The Nanjing sauna really makes the death experience of Marvel Entertainment go to disgusting, except for the crazy big sale is the high price recovery, tossing back and forth before and after, not bankrupt. “Oh, there is really one, maybe you will like the boss. There are huge contradictions in Marvel, and it is difficult to reconcile. Some shareholders have a great resentment against management for the increasing debt and profitability of Marvel. Especially the new ceo Kevin Page, Marvel Films, and the parent company’s ceo Ike are not right.” Nanjing sauna eyes are bright, his mouth is smiling, his favorite is this kind of internal compan

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rushed into the nose of the hall, he smelled a faint bloody smell, and his heart slammed and kicked open. The bedroom door on the side rushed in. At the door of the bedroom, a little girl reclined on the ground, the blood on the top of the head had condensed, the incandescent lamp on the roof gave a faint light, a woman was lying on the bed with a shawl, a strong, overgrown man I was doing my madness in my body, and I was breathing heavily in my mouth. The brawny sees the Nanjing sauna rushing in and does not stop the action, but more effort, his eyes emit a radiant glow, and a hint of snoring in the throat. The Nanjing sauna was so angry that the wooden stick in his hand swept out hard. He used his grandfather to practice martial arts at home. After entering the military school, he went to the military school and learned a hard qigong from an instructor who came back from Vietnam. Do your best, how powerful the power is, and only hear a loud noise. The wooden stick lingered on the head of the strong man, and instantly broke into two pieces. A blood spurt out, and the whole man was swept away. The strong man squatted on the ground, at the foot of the Nanjing sauna With a little force, the whole body smashed in the past, and the left hand flashed forward and grabbed his neck. The right hand raised a slap in the face. “When the soldiers, let me go, there are 200,000 cash in my bag outside!” The strong man has not fainted, his fat hands grabbed the left hand of the Nanjing sauna and wanted to take his hand away. He had already breathed. But the gas came, just a little bit of psychological pain, if he was not cool, how could he care about such a skinny boy, but now he is completely convinced, this kid’s hand is like a steel tongs, clamp him The neck, as long as he drags for another minute, he will hang up. “Go to death.” Nanjing sauna roared, and raised his right hand and slammed it down. He instantly turned the brawny into a pig’s head. Unfortunately, this guy has passed out and he will not feel pain! When I let go

and then the opposite bullet rushed like a rainstorm. After a magazine was finished, the Nanjing sauna was forced to a foot. The whole body immediately flashed to a big tree and quickly changed into a unit price. The chest suddenly came with a burst of pain in the cone. Looking down, it was faintly visible. A blood in the chest is constantly flowing out. The sweat on the forehead was wiped off by hand. The Nanjing sauna twisted the neck, the left foot quickly applied a little force, and the right foot was swayed at the same time. At the same time, the finger was forced to pull the trigger, and the angry dragon was sprayed again in the hand. “Hey, hey, hey” The bullet shell that came out of the gun machine fell like a raindrop. The Nanjing sauna quickly moved to prevent itself from being locked by the other sniper. As long as they got the time, they could take the sniper. dig it out. “Dangdang!” There was a crisp voice coming from the ear. The Nanjing sauna was trembled. He was familiar with the sound. This was the sound of the gun. He only felt a sharp pain in his forehead, and immediately a bit of coldness followed the spine. The whole body spreads out! “Ah!” The Nanjing sauna shouted and turned over. The sweat was falling like a raindrop. The front of the body was dark and his hands slammed his cheeks. The sweat flowed down the gap between his fingers. The curtains were stretched out and the streetlights in the camp were illuminated through the glass windows. It was dawn, and it was time to leave. The Nanjing sauna sighed and reached out to open the quilt and got up to pack up. Two months ago, the head of the regiment political office asked him to talk about it, saying that he could consider his personal problems. Nanjing Sauna knew that since the battle in the jungle of South Asia a few years ago, his mentality has changed a lot. The requirements for the soldiers are becoming more and more stringent, and have caused dissatisfaction with the superiors. But how can those people who are high above know how to ge