t. Nan Yan: “It’s actually a bit insomnia last night.” Jiang Yuxiao smiled and deliberately asked her: “Yes Is there anything that has not been done?” Nanxun replied quickly: “Nothing!” Jiang Yuxi smiled and said: “Is there time? Eat breakfast together.” “Well! Where are you, I am going to find you. Jiang Yuxi: “I am going to pick you up at your school. After fifteen minutes, I will go downstairs to the dormitory. I am not allowed to refuse.” Nanxun did not say a word when listening to the gods, but in fifteen minutes, Nanxun quickly got out of bed and cleaned up. Yourself. In addition to the game will be makeup, Nanxun is usually a plain face, this time only 15 minutes, she hurriedly picked a piece of clothing to put on and hurry downstairs to wait for Jiang Yu. Can’t leave a bad impression of the late god! But is the Great God near the school? It takes half an hour to drive from Air China. Just fifteen minutes, Jiang Yuxi’s car appeared on the dormitory floor on time, and Nanxun ran over, Jiang Yuqi got off and drove her to drive the door. Because the time is a bit early, there are not many passers-by downstairs, but Jiang Yuzhen is inevitably a landscape, so the misunderstanding eyes are coming together, and Nanxun is busy getting into the car. I went to a street near the Air Navigation University. I haven’t been here before, and I followed Jiang Yu’s seven turns and finally stopped at a breakfast restaurant with a simple store name. I ordered two bowls of beef powder, which was very special. It smelled especially delicious, and the thick beef soup tasted. Nanhao first drank a soup, which was very delicious. “I used to come to this store to have breakfast. When I was young, I didn’t want to stay at home. I ran out. I accidentally found that the beef in this store was not bad. After I went to junior high school, I liked to come and eat a bowl,” said Jiang Yuxi. “But the university There is no time, and I will rarely come here. This semester is the first time.” Nanxun is happy, the first time she l