der, it was a whisper of a while. Chen Bin waited for a while, his arms shouted: “You, I am not waiting! Tubo people do not know when will come, Rock enemies do not know when will come, this time we blocked, next time, what do we take? We must As soon as possible, I will go to the Fenhua Mountain, and I will not be willing to leave the old house. Although I stay here, I will be conceited and conceited!” Chen Bin said, and he walked away, and the Chen family in the crowd immediately followed. Everyone whispered for a while, and after a while, the other three people also dispersed, and the rest of Wang Chao’s family screamed around the oldest of the family. ****** “You are very good!” Li Yu looked at Chen Bin, who had just arrived at the folding hill just after noon, and smiled. Chen Bin humbly squats in front of him: “The land of the four wars in Ji County, from the peace of nowhere, the lord of the lord, the sky is empty. I am suffering in the county, all rely on the glory of the lord, the lord does not accept, Chen Bin Lishui went back and forth two steps, gently patted the whip in the palm of his hand: “But, the prince does not have the right to grant an official, it is not good to call you into the army, otherwise you can appoint a military.” Since you have come, you can’t grieve you, how can this be good. It is worse than you and so on, the prince will ask you for the court…” Chen Bin heard, hurry and kneel two steps, shaking hands: “No No, Chen Bin He De He can, dare to ask the prince to ask for official positions. Sir Alex is willing to take care of the Chen family, sheltering tranquility, Chen’s whole family is already grateful to Dade. Chen Bin asked the whole family to invest under Sir Alex Ferguson. The courtier, please Sir Alex, I promised.” Li Yu brows a wrinkle: “This is not good …, once it became a family member, but life and life, forever a family, you are the Binhai Hao, the lord now if you are a guest, It’s inevitable that people will gossip about robbery, and the lord’s work has always b

e more time to drive the car.” Cai Guofang is very considerate of the family. In fact, she just wants to go to the town to see it. She has never had a baby since she was born. In the town, the mold stayed in the village. Jiang Guoan thought about it and thought it was right. He nodded. “Although the village head has promised that I have to go to the factory in the town, but the quota has not been announced yet, I have a heart in my heart, taking advantage of this opportunity. Although the village chief announced the list, “Cai Guofang did not read any books, listened to Jiang Guoan’s list of what he said, but he did not understand it, but he still nodded, and she can still carry a small Bao went to the town to eat delicious. See Jiang Guoan agree, Cai Guofang excitedly entered the house after eating the meal, distressed what clothes he wants to wear tomorrow, what to bring, Jiang Guoan tired to go to rest, Jiang Yue washed the bowl before returning to his house . Take out the homework of the design drawings in a mezzanine under the bed. There is also a black pen on the homework. I don’t blame her for the tightness of Cai Guofang’s defense. Cai Guofang can’t do anything at home, so she really worried that she would turn her drawings out. Outside the dark sky, a bright and bright moon hangs in the sky, surrounded by stars and stars, densely covered with the entire sky. Jiang Yue drew five drawings and then went to sleep. The next day, Jiang Yue got up early, and was preparing to make breakfast. He actually found that Cai Guofang, who had always been lazy, was already in the kitchen. Cai Guofang was wearing big red clothes and looked very happy, as if there was any happy event in the family. She has not completely recovered her body, and she has a short, long-legged waist, short, black and temperament. She also painted a very thick red rouge on her face, which looks awkward. However, Cai Guofang seems to be very confident. He feels very beautiful. He is very chest-high and his head is so high, like a peacock. This a

to half, the audience in the live broadcast room had already blown up. When the entire makeup was completed, the live broadcast room was already hungry and roaring. If the usual live broadcasts seem like a calm and slightly swaying spring water, then the live broadcast room should be a flood and tsunami, a volcanic eruption… All the gestures of destroying the earth can describe the live broadcast room. “God, did I see the gods? Is there any numbness in the live room? Can you tell me if you don’t mind one more daughter-in-law?” “Hahahahaxiaxia, you calm down a little, self-tapping, you have to control, you have to control “Our self!” “What should I do? I am a big man watching the anchor’s face, but I can’t move my eyes. Ma Ma, I am going to bend me, I am afraid of the duck QAQ” “In fact, just after the entire makeup is completed, I think it has been very good. Later, the makeup artist is again After adding a sum, I almost gave me an emergency, and I was afraid of adding a snake. But look now, that tears are the finishing touch! “To tell the truth, if I am a werewolf, watching this face in the summer, I may choose to be a hahaha… I will die under the peony, and I will be a ghost (≧ω≦)/” “All the people in the room, ask Please wake up, how can you all immerse yourself in the beauty of the summer. Isn’t it time to look at escape games? Escape? Escape! When I saw the last barrage, Xia Yiyi finally remembered his duties afterwards. He moved his eyes away from the mirror. To be honest, the face in the mirror looked for a long time, even if he had something. Self-tapping is a bit too exaggerated. After all, this face has been seen for more than 20 years. But it is really impossible to see more, it is easy to shake the mind. It is not that the five senses have changed, but the momentum is real. It’s too arrogant, and people dare not look at these eyes. Xia Yi looked back at the agent and asked: “When does the rehearsal start? “Oh, don’t look at me with this kind of look.” Uh… I didn’t find out how long you lo

e to be left here. ☆, 537th chapter: staying for dinner? “Those people are outsiders, give me a few face, how do you call it, how can the village chief uncle? The care of the original, Sumi will not forget when and where.” A faint smile Laugh, Sumi said what Li Fu wants to hear. He just wanted to test Sumi, but he still can’t read it and think about it in the past. If he wants to think about it, he should not ask the Li family about these things. Today, Sumi’s attitude is to give him a reassurance. “Sumi, You have said this, if you are polite, you will not want to give your face. Li Fuxian expressed his true intentions to Sumi, and rebuked the people of Li’s family, and said that he would never speak to the Li family. Such things are not known. Just now those officials used Li Laiwang to take them away. What do you think? After Li Fu went around countless bends, he finally got back to business. “What can I think?” Tax evasion, forcing good fortune, this is a crime that we have never heard of in our village. Now it is the smallest sin in Lijia, and it is treason! The village head, this is because I have a broken parental book in my hand, or else, neither of me nor the two children have to be tired of this Li Laiwang? I really think that I feel scared, the village head, I heard that, this is the crime of treason against the enemy, but the company must be connected to the nine ethnic groups, and even the close of the week, have to check! I am a country woman, needless to say anything else, now this leg is soft! “Sumi looked stunned, and there was a lot of sorrow in his eyes. Li Fu didn’t know how to pick up the words. I know that this Sumy is dragging the scorpion. Where are the people of Li family who have such ability? Treason? Big characters don’t know one, 咋通? 咋 啊? But Li Fu can’t say it! “Chairman Uncle, at night, my family wants to eat beef stuffed dumplings, do you want to stay for a meal? There are still everyone, although the sun is not big now, but it is hard to use every day, and I have come to my

ut in the end they can’t beat the heavy numbers. Looking straight The number of viewers who are continually rising, the director of the scene is numb. Today may be the death of Xia Yihui, but it is also his opportunity. It’s a pity that it’s a summer’s return, and the director’s heart is a pity. “Forget it, directing the live broadcast of 300 million people, I have already earned it today…” The executive director turned to the assistant and said: “Be prepared, I estimate that the live broadcast may end within five minutes. At that time, you remember to insert the advertisement. The advertising companies that have made reservations before have all raised their prices by three times. If they accept the price, they will give it to them, and they will not accept you…” Halfway through, the executive director frowned. The assistants at the front did not listen to their own words, and he was paying close attention to the stage. What’s on the stage? Is Xia Yi dumbless? What is good-looking, not what is expected? The newcomer is a newcomer… The executive director is preparing to whisper, and the female voice suddenly sounded in his ear and scared him to look back at the stage. Yin Wei held the microphone in his hand, apparently just on the stage, with some obvious cramps on his face. Xia Yi took a comforting shot of her shoulder, Yin Wei set the god, and firmly said: “I think I have a say about this question you said.” The crowd at the meeting was in vain. The expression on the director’s face was even more frightening than his newly satirized new assistant. He whispered unconsciously: “God, is this still finished?!” Chapter 71 Entertainment Werewolf Kill (19) No When people answer the words of the live director, everyone’s attention is on the live broadcast. Invigo’s makeup is exquisite, and the curls on both sides are on the shoulders, making her pretty eye-catching. Cherry smacked, and spit out a paragraph that made everyone stunned. “My marriage contract with Zhang Shao has long since been cancelled.” The fl

o the people. Sumy kept a look at Zhang Yuyu who wanted to stand up. “I don’t want to hear people like Li. You don’t want to move. I will go and see.” Although this is the case, Sumi added. Be careful, walk out with a calm breath. After seeing the people standing in the yard, I stopped at the time: “This? You are this…” The Li family in the yard is not looking for a thing, but some wives in the village, seeing Sumi come out. A snoring laughed: “Today, when you open a banquet, let’s join in the fun!” “Hurry up and get up! Where is the kitchen? Don’t delay the time!” Sumi reacted. These people are coming to “get busy”. this is A common saying in the Northeast is that busy people mean that other people have a good banquet and then have a good relationship with this family to help. If there is such a big red and white wedding event, there must be a savvy guest who can talk about it. “This… Thank you all, the kitchen is in the backyard, come with me.” Although Sumi was a little surprised how these people changed so fast, but in any case they all came to express goodwill, Sumi It must be thanks to thank you. “Sumi, the house in your house is really beautiful. Your boss is very good to you. I just don’t know. If you can live and live, you will take back your house. Now this person is not good. Ah, wait someday to find something better than you to cook, than you can do, then he knows who you are!” The person who spoke was called Wang Xi, who used to be sour in the back. She has not eaten the rice cooked by Sumi, but listening to the children who have eaten, the workers, all said in unison, she is not convinced in this heart! Isn’t it just about to put oil on the seasoning? Can the meat not taste good? She didn’t believe it, and she could make a meaty taste for Sumi’s Chinese cabbage! “Wang Xi, let’s come here today to help people Sumi busy, you say these useless cognac? Isn’t this disappointing?” A woman wearing a linen cloth said Wang Xi, not too lightly. The people next to them are also hip-hop followers. Under the

ut he did not dare to worry about his mother’s face. He had to smirk: “It’s very lively, and this has the joy of the New Year.” Pan Niangzi smiled and said: “Then you are the year.” I have been together for the New Year. Oh! I am not saying this right, why should I wait for the New Year? I usually have to walk around.” Yang Qianye smiled at her and said: “Good aunt, people. If you have a cockroach, you will come to see you.” Li fish squatted on the side of the prawn. There are still a few rows of prawns on the ice tray, all of which are peeled off. The shrimps are crystal-clear and snowy. It tastes sweet and fresh, and it is just refreshing. Li fish licked the shrimp while laughing: “Guest…polite, in fact, my mother has always liked it… Hey?” Li Yu licked a few times, one shrimp was slippery, and the second was drinking, hands Not very flexible, even a few times did not hold back, the hands of the use of a little bigger, force a glimpse, the shrimp just picked up, and flew out from the chopsticks. The reincarnation of the world! After the shrimp flew out, it happened to be cleverly falling to the chest of Yang Qianye. In this warm and spring room, Yang Qianye is naturally wide-breasted, with a relaxed neckline and a dressing house. The shrimp flicked in accurately and fell into her neckline. Du Gu Xiaoyue snorted and almost didn’t laugh out loud. He hurriedly lowered his head and sneered. Yang Qianye Liu Mei was vertical, but immediately turned red. When the scene of “fishing the fish” suddenly appeared, it clearly appeared in front of her eyes. It seems that his hand grasped and grasped so clearly. . “Hey, where did you go?” Li fish was not alone after seeing a lonely moon. . Pan Niangzi can not help but be busy, “Well, look at this thing, fast, fast, aunt took you to change clothes.” Pan Niangzi and Du Gu Xiaoyue quickly got up, one left and one right, accompanied by some hairpin Yang Qianye Retreat to the small room to change clothes. According to the mind of Pan Niangzi, I wish I could leave this prostitu

g thinks. This time she only wants to know that this little monk has not returned, and everything else is a trivial matter! Everything else can go back in a row. “Okay, let’s shut up honestly, then go down and say, what the hell is going on, the two children saw their cockroaches come back, didn’t they bother to come back?” Father Li licked his own dry cigarette bag, huge The sound made everyone quiet. When Wang Xiaoxiao heard this, he immediately found a place to sit down. Wang Guihua was still not moving around Li Laiqing. After hearing the words of Li Laozi, he turned his head and looked at Li Laiwang. “They…” Li Laiwang said that he could not say that he could not say that his eldest son did not recognize him. It’s just that he can’t say it. It doesn’t mean that Li Laiqing can’t say it. If such a thing doesn’t matter if he enjoys the life of a rich man, he really can’t help but laugh. Although Li Laiwang is his younger brother, as long as he does not harm his own interests, he can’t wait to see a lot of fun! “The two children said, after they are Su Chengzhi Su Duo Duo, and there is no relationship with the old Li family! You see, I haven’t seen it, I have to cry! I really feel bad about my third brother! Li Laiqing shouted his eyes as he spoke, as if he really cried. “Hey? These two unconscionable rabbits! I really can’t remember who I am after two days.! Their cockroaches are back and can’t see?! Don’t you have a conscience?” Really… 呜 Hey! The old Li Jiaxuan can make such a filial thing. . . It’s true that God doesn’t open his eyes! Hey. . . Li Laiwang looked at Mrs. Ling a little strangely. Obviously, he didn’t know why his mother would suddenly cry. It’s not the kind of crying, it’s actually crying! Is this still her own? Is it true that Niang really likes these two children? I used to pretend to be like them? But… But listening to the mother just got the fierce, if I really like it, Li Laiwang doesn’t understand. But he I don’t understand, some people understand people. At the beginni

i, the other is Yang Chunxue, and the old lady of Yang family is not happy with the name of Cao Hu and Cao Leopard: you are a tiger and a leopard. Our family is a “sheep”. Isn’t that still eating “sheep”? If you eat “no”, you still have “blood”. How can you live in the future? Say that death is a disagreement, and that this marriage is yellow. Cui Laodao is writing a dragon and phoenix post. He wants to earn this money. He has a bad idea. He told the old Yang family that it is easy to do. You change your name. Your sister is Yang Yang, his sister is Yang Cannon, and the tiger and leopard are not afraid of the ocean. Guns and cannons? After passing the door, you are not allowed to be angry. The old lady of Yang family has no opinion, and this marriage is a success. Cao Jiage has a handful of ancestral rituals, specializing in catching foxes and catching yellow wolves. When they catch a quasi-child, they are all alive, and they don’t need to dig holes and do not make hunting shots. The ancestors uploaded the technique of Qimen, using the plum blossom rod, the number of plum blossoms is a total of six, sixty-six and sixteen, which is tied to the red line, find the cave with the fox and the yellow wolf, and shake it away from the Kun, Jinmu Shuihuo is arranged in the gossip and five rows. No matter how many avenues of fox fairy and yellow celestials come, as long as they get into this array, it will be counted. It has to be wound around the west of the wooden piles. Circle, you can’t turn to death. Because this method is too embarrassing and detrimental to the Yinde, the Cao brothers have not used it for many years. At noon, Cui Laodao knocked on the door of Cao Hu and Cao Leopard’s house, and came in for a trip. A dish of dishes and a jug of wine were placed on the table, and a large cake was placed next to it. Cui Laodao saw this dish, the saliva was so hanging, Huang Chengcheng was like a golden mountain. The one who said that Cui Dao had seen something delicious, how did he hook up the locusts? It turned out tha

nfuses Professor Trelawney to death. Is it so tangled?” Moline looked at the structure of the divination classroom painted by Hugo. He said that his painting skills are superb. It was just a graffiti, but it barely recorded the generals of the divination classroom and the content of each painting. “I am quick to write when I praise it. – Professor Trelawney is the guide of the savior. What the prediction of the great woman has spared the world, and what the whole world should sing for her. Proud–” Hugo turned his eyes straight, these are the words that he frowned and vomited. “Really, teach her not to feel nausea? It seems that she defeated Voldemort. Like. “At least you got a high score, no loss.” Moline held back and laughed, as long as he could get a high score in a flattering, it was easy. “I would rather not have this high score,” Hugo said. The two of them did not go to the death threat of Professor Francis for the first time in the Dark Magic Defence class, but seriously discussed the actions on Thursday. Because Hugo is now deliberately arranged by Professor Trelawney to the last row, just by the wall, behind a row of oil paintings related to divination, where Molin can be worn in other paintings. On Thursday afternoon, Moline and Hugo left the common room and ran to the responsive room on the 7th floor corridor. They want to enter the painting, and only rely on the responsive house. Moline was no stranger to the use of the responsive house. He had a thought in his heart and soon came to the studio. But this time Moline didn’t go to Arnock in the painting to help, considering that Arnock is now a professor at Hogwarts, and Professor Trelawney is a colleague. If Moline goes to Arnock, wait. Will make Anouke embarrassed. And Arnock has a lot of things to consider now, and it is estimated that he will not agree with Moline, so Moline plans to act alone. “I need two pocket paintings that can be placed in the palm of my hand and have a space channel that can be shuttled between the two paintings.” Moline th