“Yawn -” Little assistant Tory Black looked at the big devil who was yawning a little speechless. He really couldn’t vomit. Is it true that the family has no wild flowers? They are so old women, the big devils eat. It’s really boring, it’s really people who don’t know what to say. She is not a fool. When Monica appeared, she guessed the truth of the matter. After all, according to the urine of the big devil, she would never let go of this woman. Look at the look of the Italian goddess, where is a woman who has been divorced for more than a month, but it seems to be too full to eat, was over-nourished, and raised her hands. From Paris to London, I was asleep on the plane. It was in London. If it wasn’t for a meeting, the Big Devil should now go into the bedroom and go to sleep. “Coffee, boss.” Tori took the second cup of coffee and placed it on the Nanjing sauna, which was looking at the financial statements, and then stood very consciously behind him and began to massage the big devil. “Well~” Nanjing sauna is comfortable resting on the back of the chair, blowing coffee and blowing it, taking a sip, and swearing, “a bit bitter.” “Can refresh. You will have a meeting later…” When I heard the assistant, the Nanjing sauna nodded. After a few drinks, I drank the coffee in the cup. “In the afternoon, I will take you to Bailu Lane to watch the game against Vera.” There was still a little depressed assistant, leaving. Smiley like a flower, massage more hard, we must know that in order to better serve the big devil, but reported to the massage class specially studied, the technique is still very good. ———— Chapter 712 is a good year After closing the position, the final profit is 1.02 billion pounds. Based on the current global market, the market is in a stable period, and the exchange rate of the pound is still at a high level. The dollar is depreciated seriously. Gold is the best safe-haven investment in the moment. I believe that the next investment focus should focus on gold futures.” Nanjing sauna ho