Now that the empire still has so much heart and power for Central Asia, it is purely uncomfortable to find out the more advanced weapons. The secrets of the world can never guarantee that 100% can be completely confidential. If you are afraid of 10,000, you will be afraid. If the Central Asians have to go, it may not be a problem. They have no industrial ability and are closer to the empire. If they find the problem, even if it is It’s hard to pay the price. If it flows to Europa, the empire is too far away from Europa. It is hard to know what happened there. The empire does not know how many years it will enter Europa. When the empire enters, it encounters a batch of handhelds. The enemy of a single gun, that is really funny. Not only a single shot, Lu Zhelian’s procedures and production of handguns, grenades and other things are not allowed to engage, not knowing that this type of play is easy to use, as long as the correct gunpowder formula is too easy to engage. Now the Emperor’s team is very cool to use this stuff to blow others, and it’s time to be depressed when waiting to be bombed. At the same time, this stuff can be used not only on the battlefield, but also in attacking civilians. Think about it a few times in the future when the city is “banging” a few times, is there any tendency to turn pale into a pale? As for why did you get a flintlock and artillery? When anyone has a waywardness, it is normal for a monarch who has to endure all his own food and then try not to kill. In the early days, Lu Zhe’s hobby was to design the house everywhere. He was an engineer. It’s normal to have this hobby. It seems to be tired afterwards. It’s also fun to think about “Lobster Soldiers”, and then how can the army adapt to the firearms. In fact, Lu Zhe would not have thought of it. He is cool now, but after eighty years, waiting for the imperial kingdom to march to a more western place, the army of the country is really hitting the equipment. Guns and artillery units, they are Romans and allies from Europa. Th