and, ask me, I will teach you.” For such a good person, Sumi is willing to pull one. No matter what identity, no matter how others look, but this is the case in Sumi, as long as you want to climb up, as long as you really have this ability, she is willing to give an opportunity to hand a ladder. “Thank you girl, I will.” The cloud said softly. No one noticed that the cloud of flowers with their heads down, this time the eyes of the cockroaches have been flourished like crazy weeds, just want to directly swallow the clouds, a white! After waiting for dinner, not long after, things that were not brought back in the town yesterday were sent. The wheat field has also come, so what Sumi did not think is that the swallows are actually going to stop the business for two days for this matter, and concentrate on helping Sumi set up a banquet. “This time still has to Thank you both, especially the swallows, you can’t leave you at the moment, these two days are really delaying you. “Sumi is a little embarrassed to say. The wheat field can be counted as labor, but what about the swallows? She will definitely not accept the money for the swallows. Finally, I still have to carry this person.” If you say this, it is to bury me. If my business is stopped for a month, as long as it is because of Su’s girl, it’s all right! If it weren’t for the girl, where did I come from such a good life? “Speaking of this Swallow’s mother’s smile can’t hide. Now her family’s life is better than that. If she can eat and drink for a month, she can still slap the money of two or three, and then she plans to wait for her son to let her go.” The son went to study! The Swallow’s marriage can also be planned well, and the ambiguous one has to find a similar condition. The dowry that he gave will definitely not be less! “Okay, then I am welcome, let’s also Don’t say those, let’s get started, a lot of work! “Sumi smiled and said. “Hey! Are you two? I know that you two are sure to come in the morning, have you eaten? We have just cleaned up for a long t