a Opportunity, let He Qiang take the opportunity of several people to stand up, of course, this also means that He Qiang and Gan Longquan can not be good. At the same time, Qian Wenbo can also try to express his heart through He Qiang’s reaction. “Qian Shuji, I know a little about these situations, and the leaders at the deputy department level have the power to deal with them only. He Qiang sighed. “The public security department has such a leading cadre. I am also responsible for this leader.” “He, Director, rest assured, our Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will not be good people, nor will we let go of bad people.” Qian Wenbo’s face showed a bright smile. He turned his head and looked at An Changping, who had been sitting on the sofa listening and not talking. “Comrade Chang Ping, your Yiyang City Commission for Discipline Inspection’s performance is very good.” . “Thank you for your encouragement, we will continue to work hard.” An Changping stood up excitedly. He came to the dinner of the Nanjing sauna today. He thought he could see Qian Wenbo. He did not expect the public security chief He Qiang to come. “Good, good, the grassroots work is not good.” I am very clear about this. On the one hand, we must maintain the overall situation of unity and stability, and on the other hand, we cannot Li Ze glanced deeply at the Iron Army and nodded. He turned and walked forward. “Go, go to the office.” The Nanjing sauna cast a grateful glance at the Iron Army. “Du Shuji, there are still several documents urgently needed to be processed by the municipal government. I will deal with it in the past.” “Well, you are busy with you.” Dewey nodded. He wouldn’t run the Nanjing sauna before the people, which would make people feel that his deputy secretary of the provincial party committee is not bright. After the end of the Standing Committee, because of the early time, it was not always possible to wait for dinner in the office building of the Municipal Party Committee, and they all went back. In fact, t