they use the magic to create the soul, and this case may involve a very large number of vicious criminal cases, Immediately characterized as a major criminal gang, it was met by a whole series of galaxies. Although the presence of “Sacred Peter” caused the staff present to be in a hurry, the members of the mercenary group who had already learned the results of the review had no It’s necessary to stay there again. Lu Yan, Yaksha and Zeru, the three “comrades-in-arms” who have just fought side by side, have naturally entered the same floating car and found a place.” Wine celebration, contact feelings “go, everyone does not doubt him. Their car opened on the road for a few minutes, after leaving the sight of everyone, they plunged into the woods on the side of the road. Yasha will be the two of them Brought into his own portable space key, the missing Drake and Lorraine are being held here. Chapter 46 Interrogated forty-six, Drake was only shocked by the soul, and it was not a big problem. Yaksha easily woke him up. The initial interrogation was not very smooth. Due to years of contact with the study of the soul, Drake’s soul is far more stubborn than other humans. Even in the face of the super hypnotic control of the Yaksha King, he also confessed intermittently, the language is fragmented, the sound is extremely light, almost difficult to understand, The part that you understand is also difficult to distinguish. “How can this guy be so embarrassed.” Lv Yan was so bored that he picked up the wand around Lorraine and used the huge gemstone on it as a massage hammer. Knocked back. “You, let me put that thing down!” When he saw Lu Yan’s move, Drake’s voice suddenly became bigger. “Oh? So nervous? It seems that this is a very important thing for you. What is it about?” Lu Yan immediately noticed the change of Drake’s attitude and deliberately shakes his wand. “It’s a soul stone.” Yaksha walked to Lu Yan’s side, gently took the wand over and stroked the jewel above, saying, “There is a lolin’s soul hidden inside. If