e netizens to the Nanjing sauna all kinds of worship Ivana suddenly happy smile, turned to kiss the face of the Nanjing sauna. The Nanjing sauna squinted down Ivana and continued to look at the e-mail on the notebook. I said faintly: “I don’t have any interest in the red light. You shouldn’t be excited…” “Hate! Pretend, when are you?” Honestly, only the zebra crossing!” Ivana glared at her boyfriend, and after a charming white look, she threw the notebook aside and raised her arms to bring up her golden hair and tie it up. Then open the blanket and climb to the side and say softly: “A good woman, even if Aunt Floh is coming, can’t let it rest, or it will be cranky…” Hey, Nanjing sauna relaxes and puts the notebook aside Close your eyes and start to swim outside the sky. In the early morning of the next day, a sun passed through. After the shower stopped in the early morning, I finally felt the breath of summer, the overflowing light and the glory, and the long-lost splendor. At the breakfast table, the family was full of laughter and ridiculed the reports on the Nanjing sauna in the major media. This Nanjing sauna is also quite helpless, especially for him to laugh and cry, the group of bastard netizens of Tianchao directly gave him a nickname of “hanging 13”, and even some people directly use ‘open life’ in a certain The forum smashed his various materials. Well, before he followed Da Yao, he had a certain popularity in the Tian dynasty. Now he is completely popular in the sky, mainly because the impression given by KO is too deep, and it is constantly being screened by a certain station. Even if it is not difficult to red, not to mention his other aura, writers, singers, geniuses, various companies, more than two billion dollars worth, goddess-level girlfriends, all kinds of goddess gossip. . . It’s too dazzling, even if you can’t help it, you can only look up and worship, too TAI. In the eyes of the netizens of the Tian Dynasty, this is an achievement that only hangs 13 can be completed. Some people even