in one by one, forming a group of giants from the industrial, IT, entertainment media and financial industry, huh, huh, only those who want me to fall down Disappointed!” “Call-” Nanjing Sauna heard the phone, Ivana took some excitement and took a deep breath, he was also the first time “The consortium?” I heard the sound of Ivana’s slight tremors. The Nanjing sauna smiled. “In the United States, it is impossible to have a traditional consortium. The monopoly industry has been cleaned up. I can only find another way to get involved. In various industries, to balance the asset layout, it may seem a bit messy, but at the beginning of the business, I can only scratch my eyebrows and then slowly filter and remove them. This is no way. This time, I purchased Fandi Door Company. In addition to the market of Tianchao, part of the reason is to prepare for the acquisition of Starbucks. It is important to know that Starbucks’ demand for fresh nai is very large. This is related to the future expansion strategy of Starbucks in the future. Come, the assets can be connected in series to complement each other.” “Dear, you are so great!” I heard the admiration of Ivana on the phone, and the iconic red chun teeth of the Nanjing sauna could not help but emerge. The charming sweet smile, softly said: “Dear, it’s too late, take a break early, I will finish the matter here, I will catch up as soon as possible. Hang up the phone, Nanjing sauna holding a satellite phone, blinking at the fascinating scenery outside the window, thinking that some of Wall Street’s recent forces began to deliberately seem to be touted, but in fact do not want to give him the brand of speculators. “Jessie Lifo Moore, Wall Street Giant Bear, huh, huh, but unfortunately let your group of clowns hiding in the shadows disappointed!” Nanjing sauna is clearer than anyone else, financial markets, capital games on Wall Street, instant riches and It’s just too common to go bankrupt in an instant. He wants to make money and enjoy life, not to brush money.