erful demon and monks, can live some centuries-old antiques in the enemy class. Chapter 323 Lucheng is now (you are happy May 1st) “The only hope is only Lucheng” Suddenly, an old antique who lived 150 years old spoke up. He is a predecessor from Confucianism. “Lucheng.” Hearing the name, everyone was shocked, then looked up, and his eyes flowed with fascination. “A hundred years will come, Lucheng may appear at any time, extraterrestrial demons and monks appear at this time, you said, will they also come to Lucheng?” Suddenly, an old man in the crowd said this question. “Not bad.” Many people are shocked and look at each other. If the evil spirits and monks in the sky are really coming to Lucheng, how can they be enemies with their human power? Almost all of the humanity-level powers of the entire human race are now concentrated here, even including the peaceful coexistence of the bright and deadly enemies and the dark parliament. But even if the gathering and the world’s parties are strong, the number of all the powerful players is only a hundred. Compared with the power of the evil spirits and the monks, it is simply vulnerable. The only thing they can rely on now is the city of the Mohist. The power of this organ city is no small feat, enough to deal with a group of strong players. The strong parties are waiting silently for the evil spirits and the deaf people to lose both sides, but what they did not think is that after the two sides fought for three days, they actually stopped fighting. What the two sides seem to have reached in general, and each of them went on strike, and what surprised them even more was that these evil spirits and monks did not attack them. Above the sky, countless extraterrestrial evils hovered around the white building, densely packed, as if they were arranged, it seemed to be an enemy. The area below Mount Tai is occupied by endless monks. The number of these monks is more, in just three days, the number of monks coming out, Xi’an wedding car rental has broken through tens of thou