nto the wall, and it was broken, and there was a door in the clinic, which would be used in a clinical medical office. The girls onlookers were all scared and eclipsed. Gu Chengyan only felt that the brain was blown up. A flashlight that took the aunt took it into the house, and huddled in the middle of the dormitory, the shadow of the little group. He has played countless racks. This is the first time, I want people to live, I want to immediately put people down. Gu Chengyan threw his flashlight and left his coat. He stepped over and wrapped the little girl who had no sound. He shook his hands and picked it up. He tightened it tightly, hugged his arms tightly, and put her cheeks on her cold face. Forehead. He has never been so hurt. “Hey, don’t be afraid,” he said, his two-finger section was stretched, and he was fierce and screaming, and his voice was soft and soft. “Brother came to you.” Chapter 21 Bullying 21 The dormitory is too dark, just by the door. The dim light, I can’t see the state of Qin Yuyin at all. However, abnormal body temperature and weak breathing indicate that she has a serious physical reaction and must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible. “The total power is on!” The student who went downstairs to open the gate shouted on the stairs. Auntie aunt hurriedly pressed the switch in the house, but the light was still not bright. She screamed: “Whoever broke the circuit of this house!” Everyone understands that the whole incident is definitely a plot. Gu Chengyan’s chest was violent and painful, and he didn’t have time to care about anything else. In the pile of girls outside the door, suddenly someone screamed and trembled behind the shelf: “Let’s take a quick look. Is there something there? Gu Chengyan’s knives were swept like a knife. There was a human figure, hiding in the shadows. After being discovered, he was scared to slip out and fell to Gu Chengyan, almost scratching the legs of Qin Youyin. , Yan Ge, are misunderstandings, I…” Gu Chengyan did not say a word, kicked directly.