n does not have, why do you like the foreign girl? It seems that the decision of the mother to send him abroad to study is not wise. Although this kid It seems that I really grew up, matured, and became a talented person. But now I am not careful to bring a foreign girl back to Beijing. The old man will be mad at seeing it. Of course, this thing is not without a solution. I am reluctant. “Brother, you are the smartest, you can help me find a way.” Chen Pengyu asked for a look, “You are my brother.” “Crap, I am not your brother, I will drop the unit so much work to come here to find you.” “Nanjing Sauna Shake Head, “Green light, drive, let’s solve the problem in front of you.” “Brother, there is nothing, that is to say let me accompany him for $500,000.” Chen Pengyu started the car, “Brother, I I know that Xunzi’s business is doing a lot, but I’m lent to me for $500,000.” “Pengyu, if you do business, don’t say that 500,000 is five million and I will give it to you.” Nanjing The sauna shook his head. “However, do you think the other party will really stop because you gave the money?” “This kind of person is a vampire, and will never be satisfied. Once this time, there will be a second time, and Appetite will be bigger than once, this is a bottomless pit that can never be filled!” “And, when did my old Chen’s child fall so much, and fell to rely on money to win the sympathy of others?” Chen Pengyu heard A glimpse, “Brother, but I really love Ruth, this life is not her.” “These words are left to talk to the mother.” The Nanjing sauna snorted, “call her a while later.” You are a few days old “Brother, I will call my mom.” Chen Pengyu stopped the car and touched the phone. “Pengyu, you are fine, how can you pick up the phone in the past few days, what happened, did your brother arrive?” When the phone was connected, a series of rushing voices came from the microphone. Chapter 804 “Tooth,” I am so good, a few days ago because I was on a business trip…” Chen Pengyu returned to the microphone for a series of q