ney? It has to be said that income and wealth are two different things, but people often confuse these two concepts. Jackson’s income makes him a wealthy minority on the planet, but his luxury lifestyle and high debt interest, It will leave him with little income every year, or even become a negative asset. Not to mention anything else, his dream estate alone, a one-year maintenance fee will cost five million dollars, which also makes him have to come back to make money after retirement, because the creditor forced the door, which is why he will be in private Say to my friends, “If I don’t sing, they will kill me.” Anyway, everyone in this matter just eats melons, even if the Nanjing sauna likes his music very much, the past life is more fascinating. I have never forgotten that under the big stage of an open-air setting, the black sea of ??people, I do not know tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands. Jackson appeared in military uniforms and sunglasses, followed by dozens of professional soldiers. . . On August 16th, the flying fish won the eighth gold medal without any suspense, which made a legend and became one of the greatest athletes in the world. The limelight was not the same. The American media also touted him to the sky. . The ancients said, “The world is famous, and the crickets will follow.” Looking at the photos of the flying fish with eight gold medals, the Nanjing sauna could not help but smile. When you closed the newspaper, you would no longer pay attention. The legendary road of flying fish was finished, and the next step was His hardships. The reputation is great, and the shackles and shackles are also big. Many people want to smash him, want to fish from him, and crowd out and suppress him. After becoming a superstar, rumors, controversy, danger, and terror are closely followed. That huge reputation will be the source of sensational rumors and arguments. The greater the reputation, the greater the greed, and the greater the pressure on reputational damage. The greater the psychological tr