ing car team was hurt, it hurts, and he is not willing to suffer because of the Xi’an wedding team. “Okay, look! Every birthday of her childhood will be disappointing in her parents’ dispute. So since they got divorced, she is no longer willing to have a birthday. In fact, she was very happy before her parents divorced. Fear of birthday, but then she still wants to please her parents, thinking that the contradiction between them will be eased because of her existence. But later, she knows that these are her wishful thinking, childish and ridiculous. Her father is early He gave all his love to his other wife and daughter. From beginning to end, she and her mother are superfluous. In his eyes, mother and her are best to die soon! Music, enjoy life and prosperity for a lifetime. Every time I think of these past events, she hates peace. Grandparents and uncles know her injury, she has been holding her, but her birthday is not enough. So, Xu Chi is the first in so many years. She gave her a birthday present to Xi’an wedding car rental. She thought she would get out of control and it would hurt, but she didn’t want Xi’an wedding team to see his feelings more important than the Xi’an wedding team, and forced the Xi’an wedding. The team came out of obsession. “Okay! A seed’s affirmative answer makes Xu Chixi not selfsatisfied, and the smile in his eyes seems to overflow at any time. A seed looked at him so happy, and unconsciously evoked the red lips, the last pain in his heart was also comforted by his smile, quietly dissipated. “I am looking for Xi’an wedding car rental to give you a gold bracelet. The gold bracelet is engraved with roses! I think Rose is very suitable for you, gorgeous but not tacky, just bright. Just got permission from A seed, Xu Chi from In the pocket of the trousers, she gave her a gift for her dinner, and the treasure was pushed to her. The mouth did not stop, and she enthusiastically explained to her the thoughts hidden in the gold bracelet. “Look, I still let They carved your name on it, seed!