He can see that this water Lord is also afraid of the heart. In this case, there is a need for conversation.

And when ye Dong came to feel the existence of the bottom of the water boundary, there was a subtle discovery that there were some other dangerous things in the boundary, which was probably a little nine as a beasts, high, and perceptive to the East.

Li Niulai, after all, was a matter of decades ago. At that time, Li Niu was able to win the battle of lineage smoothly and smoothly.

What is the situation in the grave under the boundary of the boundary, the Lord of the water chief may know what, if it can get some information from its mouth, this action can also be guaranteed.

Magic and magic are endless in the sky.

Ye Donglai fought and retired, and God knew that he was constantly giving voice to the water Lord.

“Boy, you are dead, and the beast is also dignified. How can you trample on it if you humans want to trample it?”

“You are the overlord of this lake. At any rate, should we consider the survival of all the evil animals? There are still a few white cloud people here, continue to fight, the result will inevitably be defeated. If I were here alone, I couldn’t go away. “But can you let Bai Yunzong’s people go?”

Mentioned this, water Kui beast hegemony could not help but stared at Dong Xiao a few people.

Indeed, the current bureau is disadvantageous to both sides.

Even if the human beastly wants to turn away from it, what about the people of Bai Yun Chung?We can always solve all the evil animals and then sneak into the bottom of the lake calmly to find the treasure.

May be partial,