d It is rare for Zhang to encounter such an opportunity. The other party is a very good woman with such a good condition. He wants to help Feng Yiming find the object. Of course, he must take good care of it. Although I don’t know how Feng Yiming’s martial arts are, but as a big master of Fengjiapu, I believe that it will not be weak enough to even beat a few street gangsters. At this point the hull was just docked, and both of them still had time to open their mouths, and they heard the man’s wail. I saw the woman picking a few pieces of willow leaves, pointing out with a sigh of relief, and the three men wailing on the bloody cheeks. “There is no loss, the lantern is a five-dollar. If you don’t pay, I will paint five bloodstains on your face.” The woman’s face is not angry, and she is replaced with a naughty tone, but it makes people more afraid. meaning. “Compensation, compensation, and of course compensation.” One of the men smashed a few pieces of copper coins from his arms and threw them at the women’s feet, and fled the scene with his companions. “Hey! It’s really rude to throw it.” The woman complained but she still took the copper money out of her little purse, and then noticed the two people on the side. The woman was first glimpsed, and then a pink color appeared on the white-faced face. “The original little girl will be martial arts.” Zhuo Yuan cautiously looked at the red on the woman’s face, and also knew that her blushing was the one who was wearing a cold face next to her. It seems that he must be heated up by him. “It’s a pity that my brother originally came to the hero to save the beauty, but I didn’t think that the beauty is not only good looks, but also martial arts.” The pretty red on the girl’s face is more obvious. She used different parties to sing the voices of the few wretched men: “Thank you for the beauty of the son, the little girl is Lu Yuyan, a few guys who don’t flow in, Swift can handle it themselves.” The sound is light, but with a little river Children are not jealous. “It t