it first, I have to let the scorpion taste it first. And the reason why I didn’t eat the scorpion first? If I did this, wouldn’t I recognize this girl? “Sumi knows that Zhang Zizi is joking, deliberately exaggerated and said. “Know that you are filial, stronger than my jade!” When Zhang Xiaozi heard Sumi’s words, he took a shot of Sumi’s hand and patted it. At this time, Zhang Yuyu’s meat roll was also out of the pan. He was going out and caught it. He heard his mother’s saying that I will not do it, but also come together to make fun: “Mom, if you say so, you will let Sumi give you a prostitute!” “You are jealous, jade jade is this jealous?” how? Jade, the scorpion is good to me, are you looking at your eyes? “Sumi went into the kitchen and took the tableware. Zhang Yuyu, who was still licking the two rolls, couldn’t help but make a few words. “Good niece, let her go, let’s eat, I am hungry.” “Zhang Zizi also knows that this is how their two little sisters are funny here, and deliberately loudly “qi” Zhang Yuyu. “I am angry with me?” Still my servant Good son, I don’t want to eat this meat roll that I made today! Give me a dry girl to eat! “Zhang Yuyu came out of the kitchen with a large plate of steaming meat rolls, deliberately placed in front of Chengzhi and blossoming, very proud to say to Sumy and Zhang. “Xunzi, you taste this meat roll, This is what Yu Yu did by himself. Sumi simply ignored Zhang Yuyu and directly extended the chopsticks to Zhang Weizi and sent a meat roll to her bowl. “Well, I tasted it, not that I said, I don’t have to eat, I know there is no Sumi.” The craft is good. Zhang Zizi said while biting a meat roll. This entrance, her expression has changed. “Yu Zi, is this really what you do?” Zhang Zizi couldn’t believe it and looked at Zhang Yuyu. “That is of course. If you don’t believe you ask Sumi, you won’t know.” “Zhang Yuyu has already tasted the taste of meat rolls. Of course, I know that this dish has been successful. I will know that she is eating delicious when she sees her