Mo Kun is highly respected by Yang Zaixing. He has never seen a person who is still young in a year, and he is so superior in martial arts. And to know that Yang Zaixing’s ‘surnamed Yang’ is really after the Yang family, it is even more admirable. The singer of the Yinshan South is also alarmed by Datong, but their intelligence ability is almost no. What they can do is to spread more mounts. If so, Ma Jun of Qi Jun will be discovered by them when they arrive at Jinhe Mountain. The praise does not mean it. His goal this time is only to lose the man, the latter is not a Khitan, nor a Jurchen, they are the Mongolians who went south in the early days. It is a branch of the entire Mongols, and they still have a considerable number of people in the north of Yinshan Mountain, while the Gee Ge south of Yinshan Mountain is lost, and they also divide their own power into many parts to occupy Fengzhou and Yunnei. Dongsheng State and so on. Now they are discovered by them. Can the power that can be smashed out against the entire Zhengqi flag? Only when they hurt these grasslands, they will retract the claws that extend southward. Will be honest and obedient! “Han, Han…” The two cavalrymen rushed all the way. After crossing the Jinhe Mountain, they could meet the small herders who lost their pastoralists from time to time. Those who watched the Qijun were rushing, they abandoned Livestock truck accounts, regardless of men, women and children, are on the horse’s back, slanting away from the road of the Qi army. And those who dare to resist, or are unable to take off, are all turned over by all the way. The news was reported from the back of the layer, and the head of the cloud, who was in the cloud, was clearly clear that the goal of the Qi army was the inner city of Yun. Even he knows the specific size of the Ministry of Publicity. More than three thousand iron rides, this power is not able to compete in the cloud. The loss of the genius has no power to arrange in the cloud to resist the military strength of more than 3,000