see what kind of baby Dai Ting brought back to them in the first time, and then listen to whether Gao Li will be beaten in the spring of this year. Second, since Li Erzhen took the coastal area Gave him, then he naturally used it well! The big pier was built, the dock was built, the sea was brought up, and the seamaster had to train well. Get up! Otherwise, Li Dejun and Du He are not white. ? He is not going to take a cold bench at Xi’an wedding car rental. Li Yuanying stopped and stopped all the way, leading the Xi’an wedding car rental, such as Yan Lide and Li Dejun, to the dock on the east side. As early as Xi’an wedding car rental in advance in the station, Xi’an wedding car rental arrived, the officers have come out to meet. Li Yuanying called Xi’an wedding car rental to pay attention to the movement of the sea, Xi’an wedding car team and Yan Lide and other Xi’an wedding car rental to enjoy the fresh seafood. Shrimp porridge is smooth, sea fish is plump, Li Yuanying eats very fragrant, and feels that there are many benefits from the sea, at least at any time can eat this fresh seafood. I don’t want them to eat half of them, so there is a Xi’an wedding car rental to report that there are ships at sea. There are more than one ship. It’s an entire fleet, and it’s a good one! Li Yuanying suddenly felt that he was full and led them to run to the pier. He stood still and saw that there was a fleet coming from afar. The boats looked a bit broken, but they were more numerous and more powerful! These boats are naturally brought back by Dai Ting. It took a lot of effort to get so many sea boat fees. It’s not so easy to find a Qi Xi’an wedding car, but he stayed in Korea and Silla for more than a year. I really want to find it, but it’s not. Have you got it? These boats are loaded with some of the goods he got back from Gory, and the good things that were exchanged with Korean food and Silla. Although the Korean Silla is poor and backward, the ginseng on the mountain is quite good, and the sea pearls on