uld be spent on the flowers. For such opinions, the Nanjing sauna is not the same, and the economic construction will never be At the end, does that mean that the interests of the peasants have to be put on hold indefinitely? For the farmers, it is Often unfair. These decades of reform and opening up, the national industry has made great progress, and this is at the expense of the large-scale investment and construction of agriculture. Now finally there is good news, the country is finally remembered The peasants, this is a great news for the 800 million farmers. However, the Nanjing sauna estimates that the so-called good news should be progressed, not passed, otherwise, the father and son Of course, such a major event has not been easily adopted at the Politburo meeting. This is also a matter of clean-up. When the train arrived at the Beijing Railway Station, Chen Youming, Director of the Beijing Office, was already on the Chen Exhibition platform. Waiting, this time the Nanjing sauna did not let Qian Xiaomei pick up the station, but let her go to Yiyang City to investigate with Maomalin. To do, naturally, to avoid suspicion, it is rare to have such a good opportunity to leave the city of Yiyang, even the two couples did not even see each other. As long as the two sides negotiated, the couple will gather together. “Director Chen, I have kept you waiting.” Nanjing sauna shook hands with Chen Youming. “No, no, I just arrived for a while.” Chen Youming smiled. “Moreover, it is our duty to serve the leader. The mayor, the hotel in Beijing has prepared breakfast, you are going to the hotel to eat, Or?” “Go to the hotel, this time I came to Beijing to participate in the seminar and live in Beijing.” Nanjing sauna nodded. After breakfast at the Beijing Office, the Nanjing sauna rushed to report. Formal meeting at 2 pm, this is a seminar organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the theme of the meeting discusses the development trend of the regional economy and so on. At the end of the afternoon mee