has not been expected beforehand. Everyone, including Lu Zhe. They thought it would be a hard and time-consuming battle. It didn’t matter that it didn’t matter, the most important thing was that it was a surprising result. Lu Zhe did not immediately talk to the people. He looked at the defending champion: “The order was passed, and the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice transferred back to Yiling. The people there were moved to Gangneung.” Zhi, “You led the Cavalry and the Thousand Shield Short Spearmen from the side guards.” Just worried about whether the 闽 军 军 逃 逃 逃 会 会 会 会 会 会 会 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Come down. Continuously conveyed several orders, Lu Zhe looked at those people: “Who is Zheng Bu. Who is Zhaoshan.” Approximately fifty people and a forty-year-old came out, they were at the same time Salute: “See Lv’s main general.” Lu Zhe did not return: “What is the situation there?” The officers of the Qin army were all concerned about listening, and they still had a heart for Lu Zhe not to chase the army. After all, it was the people who made Jiangling a mess. The necessary surface martial arts Lu Zhe certainly has to do it. If there is no investigation, it will accept or collect the chaos. The Qin people’s officers will definitely have trouble. Zhaoshan and Zhengbu looked at each other. Zhaoshan said: “The generals are sharp and the guilty people are running away.” The very confused carving was really endurable. He stood up: “The Lord, please send troops to pursue Several Qin officers also stood up and asked for help. “Following? Naturally is to pursue!” The situation is a good thing, but Lu Zhe’s earlier arrangement was really disrupted: “You go down and urge the soldiers.” Also, the soldiers are almost all sent to attack the Guiyue camp. Most of the auxiliary soldiers also joined the attack sequence. If they did not join the attack sequence, they would return to Yiling. The subconscious self-reported, the confusion of the Qin officers a