aven’t left yet, and they must have enough rest.” I thought about it when I first thought about it. Sumi nodded with satisfaction, this first day was very good, knowing what he wanted to ask. “Well, the first day, there is one thing I want to say to you. You are giving me seven hundred words a month before the month. On the second day, I will give one or two silver. The work they do is really tired, if you The people under the hand looked at the red eyes and told me that they could go with them in the second day. “The charcoal work is not light, and one or two silver is definitely not much.” “Su girl, we all understand, you can rest assured that these people are familiar with us at Xiao’s treasurer. Everyone knows what kind of heart is in each other. There is absolutely no such thing as a shallow eye, if it is true.” Su girl rest assured, I will definitely tell the girl the first time.” The first day was silent for a while, whispered. Sumi looked at the first day and smiled faintly: “I believe in you, starting next month, if the profit in the hot pot restaurant can be, your The wages will go up. This month, your wages are the same as those of the second grade, one or two silver, the first day, don’t let me down. I didn’t expect Sumi to say this. After a glimpse, he raised his head subconsciously and took a cold and clear eye on Sumi. He felt a shock and quickly lowered his head. He thought he gave this young age. The “buyer” is overestimated enough, but he didn’t think about it, or he looked at people in the door. This little girl is not as small and sweet as her appearance. It looks like a thorny brain. After this incident, the first year’s mental arithmetic was put down. No matter what kind of days I used to go, now that his sales contract is in the hands of Sumi, he can only rely on Sumi to have a chance to have a chance. From the opportunity of slavery, at first he was really afraid that Sumi was only relying on Murong Yu or Long Gongzi or a little bit of luck to get to today, but these days he saw clearly,