e Nanjing sauna brows a twist. He didn’t know Zhu Xing very well. In fact, he met for the first time last night. However, through this morning’s conversation, he felt that Zhu Xing’s overall situation is strong and very powerful. How can his ability really not understand? A person’s ability can not be understood only by talking, or else, Zhao Kuo will not bury Zhao Guo’s 400,000 army. “At the time, the family accepted your suggestion. I didn’t expect many people to have selfishness. It’s really a matter of ascending to the municipality. Zhu Xing is not simple. He certainly understands the intentions of the central government, so after seeing the wind, he will be agitated by the trend. Let some people start to lean on his side. “Hua Ziqian sighed softly.” Zhu Xing is a very skilled person. Although he is a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, this person is more pragmatic. After he took office, he solved many people’s livelihood problems and won a very good reputation in the deep city. . His voice was a meal. “This is a move to smash your own feet.” “Zi Qian, I blame me, I shouldn’t make any mistakes.” The Nanjing sauna also sighed, took out a cigarette and handed it to Hana Qian, and took out the mobile phone to help him ignite. “Brother, this does not blame you.” Hana shook his head and shook his head. “The above is too strong. Many people in the officialdom slowly change their positions. Some people are not optimistic about us. In fact, this is also expected.” “It is impossible to have any extraterrestrial land. After I cleaned up Lingnan, I guess the next step is other places.” The Nanjing sauna did not speak, took a sip of smoke, and turned his eyes to the window. The influence of the flower family in Lingnan was so great. The flower family father was the founding father. When he returned to Lingnan, he was surrounded by his heart and abdomen. These people naturally unite together. And with the example of Lingnan in front, there will naturally be other people emulating, which is na