e room and then pumping, mobile phone short message ringing When I got up, I picked up a look, but it was a text message from Yang Qiang. On the evening of the 30th, Qian Xiaomei drank some rural glutinous rice wine and slept early. The Nanjing sauna took time to give Yang Qianzhen a nap. Call the New Year. “I haven’t slept yet?” The Nanjing sauna walked to the smoking place in the carriage and dialed Yang Qian’s cell phone. “No, settle down, the children just took a shower and are going to sleep. Why don’t you sleep, call me at this time, not afraid of Xiaomei?” There was a chuckle in the microphone. “We are going to the train in Beijing. The mother said that this year the family will be reunited, so take the children to the train. Yes, I will go back to the congratulatory party in a few days.” The Nanjing sauna grinned. The nature that I think in my mind is Yang Qiang’s increasingly round and jade-like body. “The big color wolf, you know that you don’t want to do good things, don’t tell you.” Yang Qian, who is on the side of the microphone, snorted. “I have gone to several relatives today and I am exhausted.” Hanging up the phone, the Nanjing sauna was deleted short. Message and call history, put the cigarette on your finger Throw in the toilet, turned back to the carriage, the car was quiet, Qian Xiaomei and the children slept. The Nanjing sauna lay down on the pavement and quickly slept. Early the next morning, the Nanjing sauna opened his eyes and there was no movement in the room. When he got up and saw that the children were still asleep, Qian Xiaomei did not wake up. When he got up and washed, he went to the restaurant. He simply ate early and squatted. A large bag of breakfast returned to the soft bedroom, Qian Xiaomei had already woken up and was wearing clothes, and the three children were still asleep. “I felt so comfortable last night.” Qian Xiaomei smacked her hair. “Husband, where have you been?” “I have already passed Yanbei, and I will be there again in half an hour. Have breakfast, wash it and

re the end of the winter, considering that the climate in the south is milder than in the north, the seasonal impact in winter will be minimized. It is estimated that the weather will definitely pick up in a month or so, and the worry about non-combat casualties will also be Can relax. As the weather picks up, the new troubles that Lu Zhe faces will definitely come again. It is necessary to know that the rotation of the season will always let the next rain of the gods inform the sentient beings that “the mood of Laozi has changed”, while the south is rich in forests and the climate is special. It’s endless and there’s an intermittent one. If you want to stop working, you should take into account the impact of the rainy season. In the half-month to solve the Baiyue people around Luo County, Lu Zhe is seeking this, so how fast the troops can exercise. The existence of the cavalry is used to continuously compress the living space of the Baiyue people, and also to annihilate any Baiyue people who may escape by the speed of the cavalry. While the cavalry plays its own role, the movement of the infantry is full of tests. The task of the infantry is very heavy. They need to advance while destroying or garrisoning the main road, and may need to reserve enough reserve teams. Come and catch up with the Baiyue people who broke into the forest. Ground Lee is the factor that every military commander must consider. The terrain of Changsha County is very complicated because there are many water systems. It is simply that Lu Zhe’s Xi’an wedding car rental has a water army. This water army is not very good at telling the truth. After all, it has just been less than a month. The practice is extremely lacking. But it should be no problem to use the river to harass and prevent the Baiyue people from crossing the river. With the assistance of the water army, in order to prevent Baiyue from fleeing to the south, it is only necessary to guard the road. Then the role of Luo Sha’s troops is revealed. Luo Yao’s 180,000-strong force

ce. As a result, we have become an entertaining species – Neil Bozeman . Remember the mobile version of the website: m. ———— The 577th chapter of the fierce and brutal game scene cheers and applause through the passage, faintly passed into the dressing room of the back venue. “… Remember? As long as possible, he will definitely look for opportunities in the first round to defend you, defense, your ability to fight and defense is enough to ensure that you support the first round. This is not your own championship battle, you understand!” Gu Ba boxing coach Roque bent over his hands and put his hands on the shoulders of the boxer Alfonso with a towel, looking cold Said. “I understand! Don’t worry, coach.” Alfonso replied blankly. He knew that the most stressful thing was coach Roque. After all, it was because of his reasons that he had all the problems facing Nanjing Sauna Smith. The ancient Ba players were completely left without dignity by KO. I heard that the domestic leaders have paid attention to this game. If they are also KO endings, they will be laughed at after returning home. “I have to say that the speed and strength of Nanjing Sauna Smith is indeed a lot higher than that of amateurs, but he only practiced for a year, and there are still flaws in experience and skills. Defensive, looking for opportunities to fight back, breaking him did not let opponents get One point of myth, through the first round, we can lose, but he… Listening to the cheers outside, the world is watching a game, he can’t afford to lose!” Rock sullen, Outside is a cheer like a tsunami, sneering and cheering on his disciples. “Get ready, let’s go!” Alfonso’s eyes were cold and intimate with the help of an assistant coach, and walked out of the locker room behind coach Roque. The athletes did not look at the staff except the staff. To the American team. “Nanjing sauna, do you understand? Pirates fist, don’t let him hug and delay time, OK?” Nanjing sauna boring chewing gum, stretching arms to let assistant coaches wear glove

ions. Too big a change will last for at least ten years. In addition, Lu Zhe does not go into the grassland does not mean that there will be no other movements, but he thinks that he has to step forward to the Western Region. The number of troops entering the army is not too exaggerated. It only takes 150,000 troops to prepare for improvement. A footed area, and then slowly hit it. There will be such an idea because of Lu Zhe’s consistent thinking that the country’s army cannot be made up, even if it is to cause trouble, it is necessary to find a target for the army to fight. Otherwise, the army will not fight for a long time. Fast, the speed of corruption is amazing. What he can be sure of is that once the soldiers are not used for a few years, not only will the military commanders be drunk, but the soldiers of the army will forget how to fight. What is the main thing? He also wants to use the material needs of the war to stimulate domestic economic construction, and he wants economic construction to rely on his own “farming” and rushing the wealth of foreigners is the fastest. “therefore we The goal now is to first trap the Hu people’s main force, as long as they can’t get them back to the grassland, even if they let them wander in the northern region for a few years, it will be beneficial for us to further weaken the grassland,” Xu Zhi is giving Wang Wei explained the strategic thinking from Lu Zhe. He said that Xi’an wedding car rental had a meeting, but he only said one thing about it. What is the future development strategy of Han Guo? It is also necessary for Wang Hao to personally listen to Lu Zhe. Chapter 725: Mo’nan (11) Are all the mobilized troops going north? Naturally, all the troops cannot go north. After all, the family can’t sing the empty city. In addition, those troops in the north are not going to enter. Outside the squad, only the five corps of the National Defence Forces and the ban will enter the squad, and the rest will remain in those areas that were newly assigned to the rule of Lu Zhe

e netizens to the Nanjing sauna all kinds of worship Ivana suddenly happy smile, turned to kiss the face of the Nanjing sauna. The Nanjing sauna squinted down Ivana and continued to look at the e-mail on the notebook. I said faintly: “I don’t have any interest in the red light. You shouldn’t be excited…” “Hate! Pretend, when are you?” Honestly, only the zebra crossing!” Ivana glared at her boyfriend, and after a charming white look, she threw the notebook aside and raised her arms to bring up her golden hair and tie it up. Then open the blanket and climb to the side and say softly: “A good woman, even if Aunt Floh is coming, can’t let it rest, or it will be cranky…” Hey, Nanjing sauna relaxes and puts the notebook aside Close your eyes and start to swim outside the sky. In the early morning of the next day, a sun passed through. After the shower stopped in the early morning, I finally felt the breath of summer, the overflowing light and the glory, and the long-lost splendor. At the breakfast table, the family was full of laughter and ridiculed the reports on the Nanjing sauna in the major media. This Nanjing sauna is also quite helpless, especially for him to laugh and cry, the group of bastard netizens of Tianchao directly gave him a nickname of “hanging 13”, and even some people directly use ‘open life’ in a certain The forum smashed his various materials. Well, before he followed Da Yao, he had a certain popularity in the Tian dynasty. Now he is completely popular in the sky, mainly because the impression given by KO is too deep, and it is constantly being screened by a certain station. Even if it is not difficult to red, not to mention his other aura, writers, singers, geniuses, various companies, more than two billion dollars worth, goddess-level girlfriends, all kinds of goddess gossip. . . It’s too dazzling, even if you can’t help it, you can only look up and worship, too TAI. In the eyes of the netizens of the Tian Dynasty, this is an achievement that only hangs 13 can be completed. Some people even

ney? It has to be said that income and wealth are two different things, but people often confuse these two concepts. Jackson’s income makes him a wealthy minority on the planet, but his luxury lifestyle and high debt interest, It will leave him with little income every year, or even become a negative asset. Not to mention anything else, his dream estate alone, a one-year maintenance fee will cost five million dollars, which also makes him have to come back to make money after retirement, because the creditor forced the door, which is why he will be in private Say to my friends, “If I don’t sing, they will kill me.” Anyway, everyone in this matter just eats melons, even if the Nanjing sauna likes his music very much, the past life is more fascinating. I have never forgotten that under the big stage of an open-air setting, the black sea of ??people, I do not know tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands. Jackson appeared in military uniforms and sunglasses, followed by dozens of professional soldiers. . . On August 16th, the flying fish won the eighth gold medal without any suspense, which made a legend and became one of the greatest athletes in the world. The limelight was not the same. The American media also touted him to the sky. . The ancients said, “The world is famous, and the crickets will follow.” Looking at the photos of the flying fish with eight gold medals, the Nanjing sauna could not help but smile. When you closed the newspaper, you would no longer pay attention. The legendary road of flying fish was finished, and the next step was His hardships. The reputation is great, and the shackles and shackles are also big. Many people want to smash him, want to fish from him, and crowd out and suppress him. After becoming a superstar, rumors, controversy, danger, and terror are closely followed. That huge reputation will be the source of sensational rumors and arguments. The greater the reputation, the greater the greed, and the greater the pressure on reputational damage. The greater the psychological tr

e Nanjing sauna brows a twist. He didn’t know Zhu Xing very well. In fact, he met for the first time last night. However, through this morning’s conversation, he felt that Zhu Xing’s overall situation is strong and very powerful. How can his ability really not understand? A person’s ability can not be understood only by talking, or else, Zhao Kuo will not bury Zhao Guo’s 400,000 army. “At the time, the family accepted your suggestion. I didn’t expect many people to have selfishness. It’s really a matter of ascending to the municipality. Zhu Xing is not simple. He certainly understands the intentions of the central government, so after seeing the wind, he will be agitated by the trend. Let some people start to lean on his side. “Hua Ziqian sighed softly.” Zhu Xing is a very skilled person. Although he is a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, this person is more pragmatic. After he took office, he solved many people’s livelihood problems and won a very good reputation in the deep city. . His voice was a meal. “This is a move to smash your own feet.” “Zi Qian, I blame me, I shouldn’t make any mistakes.” The Nanjing sauna also sighed, took out a cigarette and handed it to Hana Qian, and took out the mobile phone to help him ignite. “Brother, this does not blame you.” Hana shook his head and shook his head. “The above is too strong. Many people in the officialdom slowly change their positions. Some people are not optimistic about us. In fact, this is also expected.” “It is impossible to have any extraterrestrial land. After I cleaned up Lingnan, I guess the next step is other places.” The Nanjing sauna did not speak, took a sip of smoke, and turned his eyes to the window. The influence of the flower family in Lingnan was so great. The flower family father was the founding father. When he returned to Lingnan, he was surrounded by his heart and abdomen. These people naturally unite together. And with the example of Lingnan in front, there will naturally be other people emulating, which is na

in one by one, forming a group of giants from the industrial, IT, entertainment media and financial industry, huh, huh, only those who want me to fall down Disappointed!” “Call-” Nanjing Sauna heard the phone, Ivana took some excitement and took a deep breath, he was also the first time “The consortium?” I heard the sound of Ivana’s slight tremors. The Nanjing sauna smiled. “In the United States, it is impossible to have a traditional consortium. The monopoly industry has been cleaned up. I can only find another way to get involved. In various industries, to balance the asset layout, it may seem a bit messy, but at the beginning of the business, I can only scratch my eyebrows and then slowly filter and remove them. This is no way. This time, I purchased Fandi Door Company. In addition to the market of Tianchao, part of the reason is to prepare for the acquisition of Starbucks. It is important to know that Starbucks’ demand for fresh nai is very large. This is related to the future expansion strategy of Starbucks in the future. Come, the assets can be connected in series to complement each other.” “Dear, you are so great!” I heard the admiration of Ivana on the phone, and the iconic red chun teeth of the Nanjing sauna could not help but emerge. The charming sweet smile, softly said: “Dear, it’s too late, take a break early, I will finish the matter here, I will catch up as soon as possible. Hang up the phone, Nanjing sauna holding a satellite phone, blinking at the fascinating scenery outside the window, thinking that some of Wall Street’s recent forces began to deliberately seem to be touted, but in fact do not want to give him the brand of speculators. “Jessie Lifo Moore, Wall Street Giant Bear, huh, huh, but unfortunately let your group of clowns hiding in the shadows disappointed!” Nanjing sauna is clearer than anyone else, financial markets, capital games on Wall Street, instant riches and It’s just too common to go bankrupt in an instant. He wants to make money and enjoy life, not to brush money.

ach other. Which party is the representative of the Sunan Military Region? Big. Bai Bai’s heart glimpses, Fan Ze and Li Yidong’s two commander’s disputes are still involved in the dispute between Chinese leaders. There are nine of the most Xi’an wedding car rentals in Huaguo, and they are called the nine leaders. Is really owned to Xi’an wedding car rental without In the existence of power, it is said that these nine leaders not only have the power to rent the most Xi’an wedding car in China, but also the invincible giants in the world. To become a leader of the Chinese nation, it is not only necessary to have strong personal connections and the support of all parties, but also to have the ability to govern the country. The more important one is that it must be an invincible strongman and possess the personal strength of the strong. There is a lack of the three, only the three are one, and then have a certain air transport, in order to climb to success. Now Bai Ou also knows that among the nine leaders, there is a temporary shortage for some reason, but they do not want to be qualified to compete for the people who want to climb to the top of the Fan family and the Wu family. The Fan family in the southern province of Jiangsu can only be regarded as a sideline of the real Fan family. The Li family in the provincial capital can also compete with the fan family. Of course, in this competition, the province The city’s Li family is standing on the side of the Wu family. This kind of battle is very cruel. The winner is indeed successful in the summit, and he is full of glory and wealth. The loser is only afraid of defeating his name. The end of the battle is unimaginable. Once this battle begins, there will be no turning back. Before the White Europe, I thought that this kind of battle was too far away from myself, and I couldn’t take it for myself. Chapter 169 The military king warned that he never expected to join the Longjun to seek refuge this time, and even inadvertently involved in such a struggle. His Xi’a