t. Nan Yan: “It’s actually a bit insomnia last night.” Jiang Yuxiao smiled and deliberately asked her: “Yes Is there anything that has not been done?” Nanxun replied quickly: “Nothing!” Jiang Yuxi smiled and said: “Is there time? Eat breakfast together.” “Well! Where are you, I am going to find you. Jiang Yuxi: “I am going to pick you up at your school. After fifteen minutes, I will go downstairs to the dormitory. I am not allowed to refuse.” Nanxun did not say a word when listening to the gods, but in fifteen minutes, Nanxun quickly got out of bed and cleaned up. Yourself. In addition to the game will be makeup, Nanxun is usually a plain face, this time only 15 minutes, she hurriedly picked a piece of clothing to put on and hurry downstairs to wait for Jiang Yu. Can’t leave a bad impression of the late god! But is the Great God near the school? It takes half an hour to drive from Air China. Just fifteen minutes, Jiang Yuxi’s car appeared on the dormitory floor on time, and Nanxun ran over, Jiang Yuqi got off and drove her to drive the door. Because the time is a bit early, there are not many passers-by downstairs, but Jiang Yuzhen is inevitably a landscape, so the misunderstanding eyes are coming together, and Nanxun is busy getting into the car. I went to a street near the Air Navigation University. I haven’t been here before, and I followed Jiang Yu’s seven turns and finally stopped at a breakfast restaurant with a simple store name. I ordered two bowls of beef powder, which was very special. It smelled especially delicious, and the thick beef soup tasted. Nanhao first drank a soup, which was very delicious. “I used to come to this store to have breakfast. When I was young, I didn’t want to stay at home. I ran out. I accidentally found that the beef in this store was not bad. After I went to junior high school, I liked to come and eat a bowl,” said Jiang Yuxi. “But the university There is no time, and I will rarely come here. This semester is the first time.” Nanxun is happy, the first time she l

aven’t left yet, and they must have enough rest.” I thought about it when I first thought about it. Sumi nodded with satisfaction, this first day was very good, knowing what he wanted to ask. “Well, the first day, there is one thing I want to say to you. You are giving me seven hundred words a month before the month. On the second day, I will give one or two silver. The work they do is really tired, if you The people under the hand looked at the red eyes and told me that they could go with them in the second day. “The charcoal work is not light, and one or two silver is definitely not much.” “Su girl, we all understand, you can rest assured that these people are familiar with us at Xiao’s treasurer. Everyone knows what kind of heart is in each other. There is absolutely no such thing as a shallow eye, if it is true.” Su girl rest assured, I will definitely tell the girl the first time.” The first day was silent for a while, whispered. Sumi looked at the first day and smiled faintly: “I believe in you, starting next month, if the profit in the hot pot restaurant can be, your The wages will go up. This month, your wages are the same as those of the second grade, one or two silver, the first day, don’t let me down. I didn’t expect Sumi to say this. After a glimpse, he raised his head subconsciously and took a cold and clear eye on Sumi. He felt a shock and quickly lowered his head. He thought he gave this young age. The “buyer” is overestimated enough, but he didn’t think about it, or he looked at people in the door. This little girl is not as small and sweet as her appearance. It looks like a thorny brain. After this incident, the first year’s mental arithmetic was put down. No matter what kind of days I used to go, now that his sales contract is in the hands of Sumi, he can only rely on Sumi to have a chance to have a chance. From the opportunity of slavery, at first he was really afraid that Sumi was only relying on Murong Yu or Long Gongzi or a little bit of luck to get to today, but these days he saw clearly,

umi took Zhang Yuyu and walked to the carriage in the backyard. Leng Qing wanted to stop Sumi, but was stopped by Murong. She did not investigate and went to Sumi. Seeing Long Qing chasing Sumi out, he has lost his sense of reason. The preconceived one thinks that Sumi seduce Long Qing. Today is the sin of the Xingshi, how can he care about the identity of Sumi? But thousands of calculations, I did not expect Su Mi will say such a thing! ☆, 464th chapter: Explain the white “Miss! You let them go so far? ! What is your attitude towards the village woman just now! “Leng Qing touched his hot and painful arm, and he did not hesitate to swear. Murong 岚 Liu Mei was a cross, and a pair of waves of light swayed on the cold blue. “How do I do it, do you still come to teach me?” “Leng Qing has been waiting for Murong for ten years. The nature of this young lady’s temper, whoever dares to say at this time is purely looking for death. At the moment, Leng Qing immediately took the face of the arrogance and made a The dejected, distressed, distressed look of tears and eyes looked at Murong Yu: “Miss is very generous, slaves just can’t see the grievances of the lady. What is the qualification of Sumi and Miss?” I want to say that there are not enough knives! This words took Murong Yu, stepped on Sumi, and showed his loyalty to him by the way. I have to say that this niece is quite experienced. “Knowing you for me, but today’s things don’t have to be said.” . After listening to the words of Leng Qing, Murong’s face really eased a lot. This time, he turned and walked out of the crowd, and went to the carriage, faintly glanced at the cold blue. Cold blue will help, quickly support Murong to the carriage. Then I followed myself into the drill. “You didn’t listen to her, she already has a son and a daughter, and is still a widow?” Miss Ben and one such person care about it. If it is passed back to the capital, is my face still or not? “Murong slanted and glanced at the cold blue eyes sitting in the carriage and whispered. “How do

nto the wall, and it was broken, and there was a door in the clinic, which would be used in a clinical medical office. The girls onlookers were all scared and eclipsed. Gu Chengyan only felt that the brain was blown up. A flashlight that took the aunt took it into the house, and huddled in the middle of the dormitory, the shadow of the little group. He has played countless racks. This is the first time, I want people to live, I want to immediately put people down. Gu Chengyan threw his flashlight and left his coat. He stepped over and wrapped the little girl who had no sound. He shook his hands and picked it up. He tightened it tightly, hugged his arms tightly, and put her cheeks on her cold face. Forehead. He has never been so hurt. “Hey, don’t be afraid,” he said, his two-finger section was stretched, and he was fierce and screaming, and his voice was soft and soft. “Brother came to you.” Chapter 21 Bullying 21 The dormitory is too dark, just by the door. The dim light, I can’t see the state of Qin Yuyin at all. However, abnormal body temperature and weak breathing indicate that she has a serious physical reaction and must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible. “The total power is on!” The student who went downstairs to open the gate shouted on the stairs. Auntie aunt hurriedly pressed the switch in the house, but the light was still not bright. She screamed: “Whoever broke the circuit of this house!” Everyone understands that the whole incident is definitely a plot. Gu Chengyan’s chest was violent and painful, and he didn’t have time to care about anything else. In the pile of girls outside the door, suddenly someone screamed and trembled behind the shelf: “Let’s take a quick look. Is there something there? Gu Chengyan’s knives were swept like a knife. There was a human figure, hiding in the shadows. After being discovered, he was scared to slip out and fell to Gu Chengyan, almost scratching the legs of Qin Youyin. , Yan Ge, are misunderstandings, I…” Gu Chengyan did not say a word, kicked directly.

hivering. Whether it is a cavalry or a refugee, most of them are thin and dirty, and they are huddled in groups of three and five, and they are wrapped around their own rags. Someone is whispering, someone is staggering, and has fallen asleep. At this time, a few horses came from all the way to the north. The hooves broke the silence above and below the hill. Guo Pharmacist heard the sound of the horseshoe and took a breath and spurted a white mist. For a moment, the closer the horseshoe sounded, the small team of people appeared in the middle of the sparse shrubs. There are only six people in this team, and a young man headed by Guo Guo is a Guo pharmacist. “Uncle, they arrived, arrived. There are so many big ships at sea. This Mr. Shi was sent by them.” Hearing the exact answer, Guo’s eyebrows stretched out. The surrounding guards also showed joy on their faces. The long-distance march was miserable and dissipated in an instant. Once again, two times cooked, three times are friends. They are in Nanjing, and others dare not say, quietly collecting some refugees to buy each other, isn’t that the hand coming? The price given by the other party is of course low or even low. The money is placed in the perennial month. The most despicable slaves can only buy thighs, but their cost is lower? The state and county officials of Nanjing Road saw that they were gathering refugees and they did not care. Guo Pharmacist led the team with tens of thousands of refugees to fight south of the state, and they did not see the Khitan. The hostage asked. Shi Xiu has jumped off the horse, and the soldiers around him are not in his eyes. There are two battalions led by Xiao Xiaowu on the sea, and one of them is a newly formed land camp. Don’t look at the number of people. But when you kill it, you must win the Liangshan army. Guo Yao Division is not a threat in his eyes. Shi Xiu looked at the people who were watching him. They looked around from the mountain, and they could see a numb face under a dim fire. Xu is here near the sea, th

it first, I have to let the scorpion taste it first. And the reason why I didn’t eat the scorpion first? If I did this, wouldn’t I recognize this girl? “Sumi knows that Zhang Zizi is joking, deliberately exaggerated and said. “Know that you are filial, stronger than my jade!” When Zhang Xiaozi heard Sumi’s words, he took a shot of Sumi’s hand and patted it. At this time, Zhang Yuyu’s meat roll was also out of the pan. He was going out and caught it. He heard his mother’s saying that I will not do it, but also come together to make fun: “Mom, if you say so, you will let Sumi give you a prostitute!” “You are jealous, jade jade is this jealous?” how? Jade, the scorpion is good to me, are you looking at your eyes? “Sumi went into the kitchen and took the tableware. Zhang Yuyu, who was still licking the two rolls, couldn’t help but make a few words. “Good niece, let her go, let’s eat, I am hungry.” “Zhang Zizi also knows that this is how their two little sisters are funny here, and deliberately loudly “qi” Zhang Yuyu. “I am angry with me?” Still my servant Good son, I don’t want to eat this meat roll that I made today! Give me a dry girl to eat! “Zhang Yuyu came out of the kitchen with a large plate of steaming meat rolls, deliberately placed in front of Chengzhi and blossoming, very proud to say to Sumy and Zhang. “Xunzi, you taste this meat roll, This is what Yu Yu did by himself. Sumi simply ignored Zhang Yuyu and directly extended the chopsticks to Zhang Weizi and sent a meat roll to her bowl. “Well, I tasted it, not that I said, I don’t have to eat, I know there is no Sumi.” The craft is good. Zhang Zizi said while biting a meat roll. This entrance, her expression has changed. “Yu Zi, is this really what you do?” Zhang Zizi couldn’t believe it and looked at Zhang Yuyu. “That is of course. If you don’t believe you ask Sumi, you won’t know.” “Zhang Yuyu has already tasted the taste of meat rolls. Of course, I know that this dish has been successful. I will know that she is eating delicious when she sees her

s own interests, it is fundamental. Jiang Yue looked at the firmness of Muzawa’s face and felt that he had just suggested that he should have heard the heart go to the level. This way, pay Although it is big, once it succeeds, it is passed down through word of mouth, but it is not possible to achieve an effect by advertising. “A lot of people are like this. When they come into contact with a new thing, they can’t be sure whether they are good or bad. Even if they have seen advertisements, they have not experienced it personally or are close to the recommendation.” Jiang Yue said. “Moon, you said I understand, you don’t have to worry about me not listening, you know, I am a dead horse as a living horse.” Muze Yun smiled. At the beginning, it was really very simple. Otherwise, when the boss is very profitable, why more people are still willing to be employees, earning a stable salary, nothing more than no risk, and be practical. How much risk you have to bear, how much risk you have to bear. If you get it, you will lose it. This is inevitable. In this world, where are there so many beautiful things? After listening to Jiang Yue’s suggestion, Yu Zeyun said with Zhou Qianmo the next day. After Zhou Ai Mo listened, he asked: “Is this what Jiang Yue thought?” “Yes.” There was a question on the face of Ozawa, apparently wondering how Zhou Ai Mo would know. Zhou Aiji saw and smiled: “You are a stable person, even if you are starting a business, it is also the way left by the predecessors. The way to take risks is not because you think it is very likely.” He is in contact with Muze Cloud. Although there are not many, there is still a certain degree of understanding of the Muze Cloud. Ozawa cloud is not an adventurous person. The method of such a high degree of risk, if it is not a big blow to the Ozawa cloud, 80% may not be his own. “Yes.” Muze Cloud nodded, watching Zhou Xiaomo secretly smile, “Moon.” Muzeyun mentioned Jiang Yue, Liansheng’s serious expression dissipated a lot, with a gentle appearance. She is him, and

ife slowly get better. Even said that no one in the village could compare to their home. Today, such a happy day is something that I couldn’t think of before dreaming. She not only lived to marry her own niece, but also held a lively marriage for her niece with a healthy body! She has a number in her heart, and her own niece is a unique one in Shili Ba Village! When she closes her eyes, it is also possible to say something to Yu Yuxi, myself, I have never been sorry for the old Zhang family in this life! No matter what happened, I have done it myself, and I have done it! “Auntie, look at it, now who can compare you to the day? Today is the jade jade big day, not crying! Wait a minute, we are here, Yuyu still counts on your heart! You can Well, or else jade jade should not be more afraid?” The wheat field is also attached. “Mother, let’s go, the better, the better, you don’t feel bad, you and I are not comfortable with the two children! You let me dry up and watch in the sky, let’s be good, family. And the air is full of enthusiasm! Don’t you be strong?” Sumi’s words are said to be the deepest part of Zhang’s heart, sighing that his old niece is sensible, that is, he is talking, Zhang’s Already a word has been said, patted Sumy’s hand and kept turning his head. “Mother, there is something. I forgot to ask you yesterday. Although we are not small at home, but the whole village is going, can you sit down?” Sumi looked at Zhang’s appearance and quickly shifted the topic. However, I can’t think of anything good at one time. I can only say what I thought of it, but this question is really stupid. Zhang has already answered it once. “you this Is the child also confused? Didn’t you talk to you and your jade sister when I arrived here yesterday? Let’s have a seat at home, but I’m afraid of not enough. I put a shed on the open space in front of our yard! Not to mention that all the people in the village have come, that is, one more than one more, it is also loose and fast, and nothing is wrong! “Zhang Shi feels very

and, ask me, I will teach you.” For such a good person, Sumi is willing to pull one. No matter what identity, no matter how others look, but this is the case in Sumi, as long as you want to climb up, as long as you really have this ability, she is willing to give an opportunity to hand a ladder. “Thank you girl, I will.” The cloud said softly. No one noticed that the cloud of flowers with their heads down, this time the eyes of the cockroaches have been flourished like crazy weeds, just want to directly swallow the clouds, a white! After waiting for dinner, not long after, things that were not brought back in the town yesterday were sent. The wheat field has also come, so what Sumi did not think is that the swallows are actually going to stop the business for two days for this matter, and concentrate on helping Sumi set up a banquet. “This time still has to Thank you both, especially the swallows, you can’t leave you at the moment, these two days are really delaying you. “Sumi is a little embarrassed to say. The wheat field can be counted as labor, but what about the swallows? She will definitely not accept the money for the swallows. Finally, I still have to carry this person.” If you say this, it is to bury me. If my business is stopped for a month, as long as it is because of Su’s girl, it’s all right! If it weren’t for the girl, where did I come from such a good life? “Speaking of this Swallow’s mother’s smile can’t hide. Now her family’s life is better than that. If she can eat and drink for a month, she can still slap the money of two or three, and then she plans to wait for her son to let her go.” The son went to study! The Swallow’s marriage can also be planned well, and the ambiguous one has to find a similar condition. The dowry that he gave will definitely not be less! “Okay, then I am welcome, let’s also Don’t say those, let’s get started, a lot of work! “Sumi smiled and said. “Hey! Are you two? I know that you two are sure to come in the morning, have you eaten? We have just cleaned up for a long t

us. *****! ! ! The EGO in the hand directly penetrated the monster’s body and began to spin quickly. EGO penetrated into the behemoth’s tentacles and cut forward with the flaps, like the cubs of the stars and black goats. Cut your hands like you. This guy’s body is not too big, and the flaps are completely free of any pressure. “I don’t understand, my fuck is where I got this kind of thing!” Cut off a few tentacles, and the flaps turned back and forth. He was prepared to put this empty underground layer before the teammates arrived. After a complete exploration, the result has just arrived just below the teaching building, which is the place where the underground burning plant was originally in the world. A group of tentacles suddenly came from the darkness, and then this huge sarcoma monster is definitely not The whimsy, but the monster of the COC, this flap can be determined. The position emanating from the flaps completely banned the space around the flaps. After cutting off the tentacles, you can completely step on the tentacles that are stuck in the air and continue to climb upwards. The huge tentacle has become as cumbersome at this time. No matter how hard you try, there is no way to catch the flaps. If it is just pure consumption, there are a hundred ways to kill this guy. “Sorry, now I am also the embodiment of the Lord of Time and Space. Your time stop may not work for me.” Jumping up, the flaps are cut on the head of the sarcoma, and EGO leaves on the other’s head. A bright scar, the tentacle whipped from the other side, but was completely blocked by the black shield. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh “Hey!” Inserting the Thunderbolt into his own EGO turns it into a huge sword and then from top to bottom, cutting directly from the head of the monster and cutting down the force of the flap. However, when he reached the iron stone and the floor of the monster’s tentacle, he encountered resistance. The sarcoma-like guy raised his tentacles slightly, and a l