It is reasonable to want a little reward. Things. However, how does she think she has the strength to help her? The Nanjing sauna touched the nose, and suddenly I remembered that Ding Yanru had asked myself if she was a friend with Hanako. Was she playing the idea of ??looking for Hanako? This possibility is very big, the Nanjing sauna face a bitter smile, raised his hand and knocked on Ding Yanru’s door, “咔嚓”, the door opened from the inside, revealing Ding Yanru’s beautiful face, “Come in and sit down I just changed my clothes.” “Don’t worry, your dad said that he is tired to take a break. I will call the mayor of Cao to push the time back and let your dad take a good rest.” The sauna entered the house, took out the phone and dialed Cao Jianmin’s phone, and simply reported the situation just now. Cao Jianmin’s instructions are very simple, and must ensure Ding Jie’s physical health. “Yan Ru, your dad just said a few words to me, I think it is necessary to tell you about it.” Nanjing sauna sat on the sofa, put a cigarette into his mouth, looked at Ding Yanru, “Your dad said After all, they are brothers and sisters. Some things still have to be measured.” His voice was a little, and his face showed a faint smile. “Yan Ru, I explained in advance that I am not so big enough to help you deal with your two.” Brother.” “No, no, you can really help me.” Ding Yanru gently shook his head, and the chest trembled and trembled. “Nanjing sauna, I don’t want you, the reason is to help you.” I hope that you can pull me.” “As for the shit things in my family, I will not say anything. Anyway, I have taken care of my family business in these years. The family business is full of my credit.” When it was time to split up, they actually said that I am a daughter, only give me 10%. Do you say this is fair?” Chapter 716 There is no lunch in the world. Chapter 716 has no free lunch. “This is indeed unfair.” The Nanjing sauna slowly shook his head. “But, Yanru, this is just the internal thing of your family, and the outsiders are not

a Opportunity, let He Qiang take the opportunity of several people to stand up, of course, this also means that He Qiang and Gan Longquan can not be good. At the same time, Qian Wenbo can also try to express his heart through He Qiang’s reaction. “Qian Shuji, I know a little about these situations, and the leaders at the deputy department level have the power to deal with them only. He Qiang sighed. “The public security department has such a leading cadre. I am also responsible for this leader.” “He, Director, rest assured, our Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection will not be good people, nor will we let go of bad people.” Qian Wenbo’s face showed a bright smile. He turned his head and looked at An Changping, who had been sitting on the sofa listening and not talking. “Comrade Chang Ping, your Yiyang City Commission for Discipline Inspection’s performance is very good.” . “Thank you for your encouragement, we will continue to work hard.” An Changping stood up excitedly. He came to the dinner of the Nanjing sauna today. He thought he could see Qian Wenbo. He did not expect the public security chief He Qiang to come. “Good, good, the grassroots work is not good.” I am very clear about this. On the one hand, we must maintain the overall situation of unity and stability, and on the other hand, we cannot Li Ze glanced deeply at the Iron Army and nodded. He turned and walked forward. “Go, go to the office.” The Nanjing sauna cast a grateful glance at the Iron Army. “Du Shuji, there are still several documents urgently needed to be processed by the municipal government. I will deal with it in the past.” “Well, you are busy with you.” Dewey nodded. He wouldn’t run the Nanjing sauna before the people, which would make people feel that his deputy secretary of the provincial party committee is not bright. After the end of the Standing Committee, because of the early time, it was not always possible to wait for dinner in the office building of the Municipal Party Committee, and they all went back. In fact, t

uld be spent on the flowers. For such opinions, the Nanjing sauna is not the same, and the economic construction will never be At the end, does that mean that the interests of the peasants have to be put on hold indefinitely? For the farmers, it is Often unfair. These decades of reform and opening up, the national industry has made great progress, and this is at the expense of the large-scale investment and construction of agriculture. Now finally there is good news, the country is finally remembered The peasants, this is a great news for the 800 million farmers. However, the Nanjing sauna estimates that the so-called good news should be progressed, not passed, otherwise, the father and son Of course, such a major event has not been easily adopted at the Politburo meeting. This is also a matter of clean-up. When the train arrived at the Beijing Railway Station, Chen Youming, Director of the Beijing Office, was already on the Chen Exhibition platform. Waiting, this time the Nanjing sauna did not let Qian Xiaomei pick up the station, but let her go to Yiyang City to investigate with Maomalin. To do, naturally, to avoid suspicion, it is rare to have such a good opportunity to leave the city of Yiyang, even the two couples did not even see each other. As long as the two sides negotiated, the couple will gather together. “Director Chen, I have kept you waiting.” Nanjing sauna shook hands with Chen Youming. “No, no, I just arrived for a while.” Chen Youming smiled. “Moreover, it is our duty to serve the leader. The mayor, the hotel in Beijing has prepared breakfast, you are going to the hotel to eat, Or?” “Go to the hotel, this time I came to Beijing to participate in the seminar and live in Beijing.” Nanjing sauna nodded. After breakfast at the Beijing Office, the Nanjing sauna rushed to report. Formal meeting at 2 pm, this is a seminar organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the theme of the meeting discusses the development trend of the regional economy and so on. At the end of the afternoon mee

selling place” of the largest hei help Luolin 20S in the southwest region. It is also the largest distribution center in Los Angeles. Most of the stolen goods and stolen goods will be concentrated here, and then quickly transferred to all parts of the country. To find the lost property, then the person who is looking for the Rollin 20S is right!” Joseph, who has been replaced by special equipment, looks at a dilapidated three-story building on the corner of the street with a telescope. An iron-enclosed security door is closed, while the second floor is still lit, sometimes from time to time. Walk around. “Well, Hansen, trouble you, then, when the matter is over, I invite you to drink.” Joseph put down the telescope and grinned, revealing a white tooth. Hansen smiled, opened the door, and hit a fist with Joseph, erected the collar of the coat, and immediately got off the car and disappeared in the morning. “Mustain, free to fire, get intelligence, clear…” “yea sir!”. . . . . . “Hey, hey-” “FXXK! Now it’s time, come, don’t knock, bastard…” A sturdy, tattooed Latino-headed brawny man yelled at the door that was constantly slamming With. “Hey–” “Bastard, if the things you bring can’t satisfy us, I will explode your xx… um?” “湫-” The silencer makes a slight sound on the head, 13 belts Fully armed with black hoods quickly broke into. “stick together team…” The iron gate was closed and the hei helper who fell to the ground was dragged aside. Just finished, taking a little girl who fell asleep, Luo Lin 20S store small head, was awakened by sudden pain, clutching the strong arm holding his hair and dragging his mouth, a painful call in his mouth The woman on the top seems to be too embarrassed, completely sleeping like a dead pig. boom! Still in the “Xie Te Xie” loudly cursed small heads slammed their feet, hoping to alleviate the pain caused by being dragged, feeling the big hand holding their hair loose, just want to look up and dare to look at Luo Lin 20S When the jerk who couldn’t get through was the big fo

ther seen by the Nanjing sauna along the way. The young and middle-aged people who have worked are less of the youthful atmosphere of ordinary colleges and universities, and have a thicker feeling. However, this way, it highlights the quietness of the party school environment, without a trace of embarrassment. The school not only has a good environment, but also the conditions for accommodation. The 80-square-foot two-bedroom apartment has two people. There is a piece of paper on the door, which lists the names of the occupants. These are just reports. At the time, the staff introduced it. The Nanjing sauna found a room with his name, and a name, Bai Fangcheng, seemed familiar. When the key was opened, the Nanjing sauna suddenly found several people in the living room chatting, a man and a woman and a beautiful little girl, apparently a family, the pretty woman seemed familiar. “Hello, Nanjing sauna comrade?” The middle-aged man smiled and greeted him. “My name is Bai Fangcheng. From today on, we have to study together. Please live together and take care of you.” “White secretary is polite, you white sand The economy of the county is that we can’t catch up with the horses in Bishan County. I still need your brother to take care of me.” Nanjing sauna smiled and put down something and shook hands with him. “Hu Shuji, where are you from this? This is clearly a chilling me. You have introduced more than 10 billion yuan in investment in the past two years. It is much stronger than our Baisha County. We will learn together and make progress together.” Haha smiled and shook hands with the Nanjing sauna. “This is my lover, Liu Yanling, working in the Baisha Municipal Finance Bureau.” He said that the Nanjing sauna suddenly remembered and immediately smiled and nodded to Liu Yanling. “Husband is good.” “Hu Shuji, shouldn’t we meet for the first time?” Liu Yanling extended her hand to the Nanjing sauna. “Your tiger is playing well with our Jiajia, so I forgot it so soon.” “” Xunzi, you think about it when you say this.” N

ost important thing is that the president of the alliance has won the approval. If you vote in the league, there will be no problem. More is just a passing game. Of course, the Nanjing sauna still needs and needs to attend some gatherings to get to know the bosses of the teams in the league. This kind of party, David Stern will arrange as soon as possible. In fact, this time the Nanjing sauna joins the league, it will be a good thing for David Stern. After all, in the past July, NBA League referee Tim Donah’s gambling scandal has been raging, the league’s various ” The whistle has been questioned by the public and its reputation has been greatly affected. The addition of this super celebrity of Nanjing Sauna Smith will detonate the media and distract people’s attention, which will alleviate the pressure of David Stern. So when the Nanjing sauna walked out of the restaurant with a bright and smiling David Stern, many sports reporters who got the news and the paparazzi who were entertaining gossip took the camera and took it. Whether it is used or not, it may be a good news. After all, the news that the Nanjing sauna will acquire the Houston Rockets has been circulating for a long time. Last night’s dinner, the current rocket owner Alexander came over from Houston. The president of the league, David Stern, not only attended the dinner, but the next day. After dinner again, this is undoubtedly the news that the Nanjing sauna will join the alliance, and it is very smooth to see the two people talk very happy. The old man was sent to the car, and the reporters around him blocked the bodyguards. As for the questions they asked, the Nanjing sauna was still a cold face. Like David Stern, he got on the bus without any answer. The sports version of the journalists also began to join the team chasing the Nanjing sauna. They sent the photos and news of the Nanjing sauna and David Stern to the Internet as quickly as possible. For the Nanjing sauna, the youngest billion. The rich are going to enter the competitive sports of

ndidates. Today, we will discuss the nomination. His voice rang and his eyes turned to the organization minister Huang Youlai. “Comrade Youlai explained the situation of the candidates selected by your organization department.” Subsequently, Huang Youlai simply said something about it. In fact, Wu Xi was nominated, but this time it was replaced by the organization department to pass the inspection. “The situation of Comrade Wu Xi has been made clear, and which comrades have No better candidate? Yangyang spoke up, and speaking is not to give the organization a face. A better word is enough to explain his attitude. The Nanjing sauna secretly sighs. Yangyang has been able to communicate with Kong Zheng after one year of operation. No one is talking, the big boss and the second boss are competing, others are only watching the drama, and it is troublesome to accidentally burn the body. “I will nominate the individual.” “Nanjing sauna coughed, this is good with Yang Yang before, so I am a good person, let him come to be the prostitute, but for the sake of the overall situation can only be tolerated. “I think the police chief Li Long Comrades are very good, the public security system is born, the war has been working for decades, the work experience is also there, and the emergency handling ability is also very strong. Next is the critical period for the development of our Lanshan County, the comprehensive social governance, and the judicial system needs further improvement. “Of course, I am not saying that Comrade Wu Xi is not suitable, but I think Comrade Li Long is more appropriate.” Chapter 563 The tenth voice of the audience made a silence. Everyone looked at the Nanjing sauna. Although the Nanjing sauna prestige has risen sharply in recent days, the strength of the hand is also good. However, the county party committee ranks only the second to last, only ranked in the county party committee. The organizer is in front of any Changyang. The ranking sequence of the county committee is determined by the municipal part

politeness of the comrades has nothing to say. After three rounds of wine, the dishes are more than five flavors, the atmosphere is more harmonious. Everyone chats in the north and the north, and the Nanjing sauna is also involved. He said a lot of things in the army before, even I also mentioned a few words about participating in the war on terror. Of course, more often, the Nanjing sauna listened to their conversations and carefully captured the information that every conversation might leak. Although he is the deputy director of the office, he There is a director of the office, and there are various directors and section chiefs who want to smooth down the relationship. There is still a long way to go before the words and deeds are made. Since I arrived at the office, the Nanjing sauna is naturally going to make a difference. It is not just for the staff to come to Wang Maoliang. He has more things to do, to increase the network, to sharpen the temperament, to stand. In the height of the province to think about the trend of economic development in the entire province of Jiangnan, etc. “Director Hu, I heard that your wife is a famous female entrepreneur in Beijing? Xu Li, the deputy secretary-general who assisted in the work of culture, education and health, looked at the Nanjing sauna with a smile. “I heard that you know it is quite romantic.” “Secretary Xu, you have won the prize, that is, to do a little business life, but not a few words.” The Nanjing sauna smiled. “However, it was really interesting to know her. At that time, she was also the show host in the life channel of Baisha City. At that time, few people knew that her father was Qian Wenbo. “Oh, you should not be modest. Jiangnan who does not know that there is a two billion yuan district chief.” Xu Li smiled. “However, it is indeed a very wise decision for your wife to leave the TV station to do business. In just a few years, he has accumulated hundreds of millions of net worth. Yes, the real estate business in Beijing is very competitive.” Right?

ent”. This comic was drawn in the past in 2012 by the author of Marvel’s creation of “King of the Sea”. The style of the comics is various, and the various kinds of dog blood of the plot make people speechless. It is hard to imagine that if it wasn’t for the film, then the concept of “gentleman” was put into the plot and made a clever decision. More than two and flapping the street. The story tells the story of a senior spy who retrieved the son of his former colleague from the street. This man is an uncultivated boy, but after performing a series of trainings on him, the boy became a gentleman. Super spy. The gentleman can undoubtedly be able to scratch the excitement of the British, completely different from the 007 of the humanoid self-propelled artillery. The story is also more cool, and the various humors and stalks will be more Hi, I want to come down enough to be a British. As for the Nanjing sauna, I only watched a movie plus a little snake jing disease. How can it become a long serial, on this point, there is no problem. To a large extent, both comics and movies are stories of a special agent growth. Growth has been reflected in many aspects, the friendships of the same kind of friends who have entered the same, the competition of various projects, the conflict and the rebellion of the protagonist. The various tests have left a lot of space for them. The Nanjing sauna is filled and hydrological based on the few comic memories. The Nanjing sauna, which has been influenced by the net text, can still be used for some brain-hole plots. The dog’s blood, the vulgarity of the face, can be greatly utilized. Anyway, foreigners are also obsessed with the magical oriental net routine. Ma, watching the net text can quit the washing powder! It can be seen that on the road of life, Chinese and foreign people have found common ground. Gentleman, absurd plot, bad taste, full of fun and full of entertainment, Nanjing sauna is believed to make this “Ace Agent” he processed has become popular, after all, the cartoons th