words. The skill of the sugar-coated shells is extraordinary, so Shen’s mother will be more biased than her second daughter, love the house and Wu. Like the second daughter Shen Jiamei, she would naturally be biased Shen Jiamei’s daughter Shen Na, Shen Jiamei and Liu Daqing’s divorce, Shen’s mother looked at Liu Na’s pity, no one took care of Liu Na, Shen’s mother and Shen’s father went to Yunnan once and put Liu Na took back to Shanghai to raise and renamed Liu Na’s name to Shen Na, meaning that after Shen Jiamei and Liu Daqing divorced, Shen Jia completely broke off the relationship with Liu, and the old and the dead did not interact. Shen Na grew up under the care of Shen Mu, her personality is arrogant and will never do housework. Shen Yang loves this granddaughter, and she does not let her down, so Shen Na’s self-care ability is almost zero. They all rely on Shen Shen’s mother to love and grow up. Hu Meijuan has a lot of opinions on Shen Na, because she is under the same roof, watching her mother-in-law protect her daughter of her second daughter, but a bowl of water is not flat, and she does not bring Hu Meijuan with her children. Shen Mao is also the granddaughter of Shen’s family. Shen mother always protects her granddaughter, and throws her two grandparents aside. Because of her feelings, she is not reasonable. For so many years, the grievances between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have accumulated and will eventually erupt. Shen’s surgery was very successful. In order to save some hospitalization expenses, Shenmu decided to leave the hospital early. She and her eldest son Shen Jiayong had a good discussion. As long as the doctor agreed to leave the hospital, she would not want to lie in the hospital again. “Mom, don’t save this money. You have social security. You can lie in the hospital for a few more days!” “Jia Yong, you don’t know, the hospital is badly slaughtered. The daily cost is expensive. Actually, it’s done. Surgery, that is, lying in the hospital to observe, the doctor just su

o Lin: “Can I?” Lin Biao nodded with his arm: “You smoke, I have always been very Sun Hao put his hand into the box and touched it for a while. He took out an envelope and handed it to the host: “The two of them are the fragments of the classic film “Gone with the Wind”.” The host looked at the two people in a dilemma. “The two characters in this scene are the heroine Scarlett and the actor Bai Ruide. You must have one person against Bai Ruide.” Sun Wei looked at Lin Biao with a helpful look: “I have not played a series of dramas, how? “Let’s do it?” Lin Biao held his arm and smiled: “It’s easy, I will play Barrett. I have never tried it. It seems very interesting.” Su Shi’s mouth couldn’t help but rise, Barry is not Xu Xian. Not so easy String, Lin Xuan temperament, sound, appearance, figure did not masculine side. If you put on a men’s wear, put your hair on it, and then paint a makeup, maybe you can try it out, but they don’t have the time and opportunity to change their makeup. Lin Biao has to wear this dress to play Bai Ride, it is just a joke, to When the show is going to be a four. Su Shi is calm and relaxed, sitting on her chest, she just has to wait and see. Chapter 82 82 After all the players have extracted the questions in turn, the first group begins to perform. The knockout has increased the difficulty, and only five minutes of preparation time after reading the original film. The first group of Zhu Yu and Yu Yu’s topic was “Farewell My Concubine”, and Zhu Yu played Juxian. Yu Yu played Cheng Dieyi, and they performed the performance of Duan Xiaolou after being captured by the Japanese army. As long as the Zhu language is on the stage, it will become a luminous body. It is not a beautiful appearance. It also has a strange charm. It seems that it is an advantage when it is not outstanding. In contrast, Yu’s performance is not enough. He apparently had been thoroughly clarified. The preparation time was only five minutes, but his line was a good word. However, his performance was very good, and t

dn’t retire when I reached out. It was Cheng Zhi and blossoming. I didn’t hesitate to throw into Sumi’s arms! what happened? Where did you hurt? It’s so scary, hey. . . After the blossoming of Suomi, she couldn’t make a sound, and she was incomprehensible. In the end, she only knew that she was crying. It turned out that she couldn’t say a whole word. Cheng Zhi died and hugged Sumi, without saying a word. Sumi knows that the two children must be very scared, as Long Jing said, the two of them should have woken up when they entered the Chamber of Secrets, and did not know what they saw when they woke up. Did anyone scare them and say something to both children. “Cheng Zhi blossoming, you two, don’t cry, mother has something to say to you. Say! “Sumi is very distressed by two children, but I also know that it is not the time for my mother-in-law. Although Longjing now seems to be “sincere,” who knows what will happen when I am impatient? What should I do if I regret it? “Mom, are you injured?” It’s so scary to look at! “The blossoming twitched and let go of holding Sumi’s hand, but still refused to leave to the arms of Sumi, the little hand clasped Sumi’s sleeves tightly, and the pitiful appearance made people look good. “I am not hurt, you can rest assured.” Sumy quickly touched the little head and gently groaned. Perhaps it was because the voice of the three mothers was too big, or the sound of Sumi’s excitement was so high that the dragon was alarmed. Jing, this time, Sumi just wants to talk, and there is a knock on the door. “Hey, what happened? Do you want me to come in? Hearing the soft voice of this pretense, Sumi almost broke his teeth! “No, thank you, Your Royal Highness.” If it is convenient, please ask His Royal Highness to give our mother a few moments. I, I want to appease my child. “Sumi tried hard to make her voice sound more docile. Before she saw Chengzhi and blossoming, she didn’t feel like it. Now she saw Chengzhi and blossoming. The feeling she was afraid of was like a volcanic eruption.”

gh this “a trace” is as fragile as a gossamer, the wind blows away. The poor children of the past have grown up, and no one dares to laugh. After Ning Wei’s worship into the sage of the sage, the generation was higher than Jing. It is better to say that the “brothers” and “teachers” are only cheaper. As for why the other side is also higher than himself, Jing Jing can’t think of the possibility of “pushing”. “Irrigation” is a way of passing power, which can quickly increase the true-yuan reserves and break through the realm. At some point in the past, the Grand Masters were keen to cultivate their younger disciples in this way, but they were quickly confirmed to be the seedlings. When a disciple breaks through on his own, he will encounter a greater crisis. Heaven is always fair and there are no shortcuts. The feng shui turns, now it is the turn of Jing Jing to carefully test: “The teacher does not yell at me, the saint let you come to Meng Xueli? I am a disciple of Mingyue Lake, if there is any command from the head and the return of the saint, how could I not Have you heard?” The sound of the forest is ringing with indifference and innocence: “The holy population is very important. You are not qualified to know.” Jing Hao listened harshly and frowned slightly: “You know that I followed Meng.” In the snow? Have you seen us a few days ago?” The riverside was quiet for a while, only the wind and rain hit the leaves, and the streams ran. Jing Jing is about to continue to ask, suddenly a cool meaning on the back. With the sound of snoring, they were surrounded by jungles and creeks, and quietly showed more than 20 ghostly black shadows. Separated by a distance of about ten feet, the formation of seemingly loose and disorderly, in fact, block the encirclement of all directions. Xu Sanshan shouted: “He really saw us!” Zheng Mu: “These people are the people who ambush us by the Black River.” That morning, Jing Jing was about to confess to Meng Xueli. The enemy has been lurking underwater for a long time, but it was

r is like today. “You little hoof! Are you playing my son when I am a good bully? Li Laiqing! You are still watching it! You can’t hear the little monk who said it? Others have to beat your wife and kids that you’re still sitting in it? “Wang’s side pushed Li Laiqing and cursed Sumy with a loud voice. “I also told you that the last time I went to the town to see the big sister, the older sister went to give us a fortune telling, that the fortune tellers said that we Li Jia We must vigorously turn over this generation, and you are born to be a gram of life. Whoever catches it, whoever is close will die, you look at it, now you are giving the third brother Ke died, the two children tomorrow. . Hey! “Wang’s squatting on his mouth is not a door. Just say that these two children have to be slap in the face of Sumic’s dead face.” You dare to hit me! “Wang can’t believe that he was actually slap in the face of a singular singer in the weekdays. When he was shocked, he would go up and sue Sumi. ☆, Chapter 7: Don’t come to me here! Li Laiqing sees here. My own daughter-in-law was beaten, and now she stood up and tried to do it. Sumi licked the painful hand that was shaken by the fat on Wang’s face, and saw Wang’s and Li Laiqing’s action. The eyes looked cold and looked at the two men: “What happened to you?” I just let you remember for a long time! I will control my mouth later! I told you a scorpion because the relationship with Wangwang respects you. I advise you not to know what to do. You can say that I am filthy, but if you dare to say that my two children are ugly, unless you are today Kill me here, or else I will cut the kitchen knife to you sooner or later! I don’t know if it was Sumi’s words that made Wang’s fear, or her eyes were really bachelors. Wang’s hand that had been picked up was not dare to fall, and his mouth was not dry. Li Laiqing went to the back of Li Laiqing. Li Laiqing did not dare to go forward in a chill, but did not want to show weakness, bluffed up and said a few words of good men and wome

ror of the land was ruthless, and he had just used Zhao Fujin, and he passed down the exit. That Zhao Jiu, it’s still good to burn. This Zhao Jiumei is now a piece of being Was sent into the forbidden city of the Forbidden City. However, Zhao Song’s sending relative, He Li, came to see Zhao Jiu. He Li is the first political and five-year scholar, Zhao Song champion. The secretary of the provincial government, the secretary of the provincial government, raised the Gyeonggi school in the following year, and he was promoted to be the guest of the foreigner, and he was moved to the middle of the book and served as a lecturer. It can be said that it is the appreciation of a deep big artist. In the years after the big artist’s western tour, He Li’s career was still smooth, but the gold content of the official title was greatly reduced. Now, he is sent to the pro- sergeant in the post of Yushi, but in the eyes of Yidu people, it is not as good as one. “It’s good to know that Lieutenant knows that the new dynasty has nothing to lose to the prince. Just…” The insider’s face showed an embarrassing appearance, and He Li still had something to understand? Isn’t it just under house arrest and it is not convenient to move around? Going back to my place of residence, I still have no anger. The next day, he asked Song Qing to meet Zhao Jiu’s request. The emperor of the land naturally had a strain, and the saint handwritten student imitated Zhao Jiu’s handwriting and wrote a letter to He Li, but he still did not call each other. He Li is extremely angry, but he can’t help it. For Zhao Jiu’s handwriting, he naturally couldn’t tell the difference between true and false. He only knew that the county king had practiced Huang Tingjian’s pen posts since childhood, and he seemed to believe that the writing was very good. Can be taken back to Chengdu to be handed over to the big artist for inspection. The emperor also knew that he would not let Zhao form a face, and that end could not be said. But Zhao Jiu is already stupid,

uation, but I have a number in my heart, you are now using people, I can’t waste your manpower at this time. What’s more, the road ahead is still very long. Since I have decided to be with you, I must have the ability to stand by your side. I can’t do anything. Rely on you, isn’t it? “The mushrooms in Sumi’s hands, one by one, jumped out of the water, and they were placed neatly on the plate. Her voice was light, and there was no panic.” Susu, Murong, and Not very good. Murong Yu is more resourceful. You should not think that he will only do business? Then you are too small to marry him. “Long Qing is preparing a vegetable hand to pause, watching Sumi, said the color. He must let Susu defend against Murong, can not relax vigilance. Suomi nodded in disapproval: “If Murong will only do business, can he still live to the present? I am afraid that even the bones are gone. I didn’t know his identity at first, thinking that he was just doing it. Business people, but my heart is also clear, this person is not a good deal, is a smart person, I tell the truth, you are not happy.” When Sumi said here, looked up and looked at Long Qing, playful The mushroom that shook the hand: “I had a heart at the time, I think it would be nice if this person could be a friend. It’s a pity.” Long Qing originally said that Susu would have Murong The heart of love, did not wait for Susu to open, his eyes have been gloomy, but because the last thing was remembered in the heart, so this is even if the heart is not happy, and did not dare to show it. “But it’s just a friend. I thought how it was. Murong Yu, that person, it’s you. When I was with him, I made friends. If it’s because of you, I want to come, Murong will not turn my face, even Now I am counting on me.” Long Qing sighed and said leisurely. Sumi squinted at him: “What? You mean to blame me? If you are unhappy with this matter, you can leave Lijiacun. As long as you go to Murong, you have nothing to do with me. I won’t look back, I want to come, you will be a very good friend, um

he most rare thing is her modality. Long hair like a waterfall, revealing the shoulders, the eyebrows gently squatting, the lips biting gently, the nose snorting, the eyes squinting, squinting, the impulse of a second shot What is the living color, what is the fragrance of life, and the look of Ling Ruo when he is swaying is the best interpretation. In short, the last is a soft spring mud, but the hands and feet are still sweaty and entangled in his strong and powerful body. As he rises and falls, he turns around, like the blue sky with the small tree swinging under the storm, there is no ecstasy, That’s the ultimate pleasure, ah… “What is Qin? Ah? What do you want?” “Female…” The fish that was out of the mouth blurted out, and the horse slammed the last half of the word back. “Not bad! Female music!” The ritual Xiaoxie was somewhat unhappy, but he was still very satisfied. After five days of training, Li Yu was completely remembered. Although this last question was somewhat hesitant, but still There is a problem with the advocacy of the small department around him. There should be no problem. “Yes, Minger begins, Li drums you can go.” This is the last sentence that Li Yu got when he left the Ministry of Rites. As for iron without loop? Iron No Ring closed the third day. What people do is to hold the gourd warrior, master the stance, posture, and see what kind of ceremonies the emperor, officials, and inner palaces should do, not as cumbersome as he is. Early in the morning, I knew that Li Yu, who was not allowed to be a scorpion, carefully prepared for half. In the night, accompanied by the Lord’s book in the morning, he entered the palace with trepidation. Luo’s main book used to be an advocacy order, so he was accompanied by him to avoid mistakes. As a result, Li Yu went from the beginning to the bottom, and the whole set of procedures was executed, and the Luo main book was also relieved. Li Yu thought that the emperor had gone down. He had nothing to do today. He planned to go back to the door and sneak

e smile, could not help but gently sip. Not because of his new marriage, this will be thin and embarrassed. Otherwise, can she be so embarrassed and not afraid? Shi Lei will be honest when he comes back. It’s really bullying! “Hey, hey, jade sister, you see this, this is so embarrassing, you can’t make it pretty. If you don’t care, you don’t care about it. The uneven distribution of this seasoning is not to be said. When it is cooked, some places are too old, and some places are just right. This tastes worse than nothing. Yes, Yes, yes, it’s just that, you change one side, this lamb chops have to be seasoned on both sides, otherwise it’s not right. “Sumi is very charming and charming. It is natural to teach Zhang Yuyu to cook. This is also an unprecedented seriousness. It is even more meticulous about how much this seasoning should be applied. What position should focus on more smearing, more kneading one.” Huidu and Zhang Yuyu said. If this is the case, Sumi will definitely let Zhang Yuyu study it himself. Today, this is because of Shi Lei’s reason. Sumy was afraid that his mouth would be seen by Shi Lei. Once again, I will be aggressively asking myself what happened. If Sumi knows that Shi Lei will come back this time, it is really killing her that she will not catch Zhang Yuyu’s bullying. “Yu Yujie, You add a little more The stunned, right, I take a look, um, oh, I think, you have to put a little more on this chili powder. This lamb chops are actually eating a spicy savory, if this is The taste is not enough, the taste is faint, this lamb chops don’t say that it is delicious, I guess it is like a blossoming tongue, can you eat it and smell it? ☆, 816th chapter: The production of lamb chops Sumi also washed his hands, once again checked his hand a little wounded face no later, took out the basin, and re-released the seasoning, I started to add a taste to the lamb chops with Zhang Yuyu. “Is the chili powder so thick, can you do it?” Look, this big piece of lamb chops is fished out of this basin. I can’t s

tea, this name is blame.” Speaking, Sumi called the two children too, and they also had one cup. “I tasted it. If I like it, I will call the hoes to cook every day. Anyway, drinking is not drinking.” Sumi said with a smile. “Well, this smell is okay, but the taste of the tea is also dim, sweet and fragrant, okay.” ☆, 666th chapter: Going to the town to talk about business is like Zhang Yuyu said, although Zhang does not dislike the taste of this milk tea, but it is not very like, can only say that in general, Chengzhi’s reaction is also reactive. Nothing, but it is very beautiful. Sumi was originally made to marry two children. As for what everyone likes, this Sumi will not interfere, like what to drink and drink. “Now Chengzhi likes it.” Drinking tea is not like a child at all. “Sumi shook her head and sighed: “Mother, if you and Cheng Zhi like to drink tea, there are a lot of tea in my cupboard, what are the flavors, all are good tea, you just drink it.” Sumi said with a smile. She collected so many teas because she liked to drink more tea, but because she gave her a lot of tea because of the mistake, so Sumi felt that the mistake should be like drinking tea. This time, the mistake was not here. Sumi didn’t know why I saw all the teas that I used to say, and I bought them back. I also specially asked Shi Lei to play. A small cabinet is specially used to put tea leaves. However, these teas can’t be drunk when they are wrong. This will be the case when Sumi sees Zhang and Cheng Zhi are willing to drink some tea. “I drink tea, it’s almost the same. Are you teas that are good tea? Don’t give me a drink, keep it, wait for the dragon son to come back. When I saw him here, I was holding a teacup every day. Zhang put down the milk tea bowl and said with a smile. “Mother! You have finally said a fair word this time, then the words are coming, the wind and water are turning, isn’t it? Can’t you say that I can be alone every day?” Zhang Yuyu was Suomi during this time. And Zhang Shi did not stop moving, this time the