heard of her. She herself said that fate should not be sneaked away, and should not be a tool for profit. In addition to Mrs. Ria, Moline also thought of the magical Illa who had fled outside and did not know where to go. The old witch who had a very serious arithmetic divination, her divination is not to be underestimated. “Today is the last day of September. Maybe I have passed it today. The bloody disaster will not wrap me up again – I think you will help me with the leave!” Hugo said hesitantly. “What is the fake? It’s ridiculous to take leave for this strange reason.” Moline said with no anger. “Although I don’t know exactly what divination is all about, this kind of prophecy is really unremarkable, I think In all likelihood, it’s nonsense.” “But—” “Less nonsense, follow me.” Moline pushed Hugo and pulled him to the classroom of the fourth-floor Magic Instrument Research class. Arnock routinely played with some interesting instruments. Moline walked to Arnock, and there were some silver marbles on the table, which were slowly rolling. The marbles rolled around the table, but they didn’t touch anything and chased each other. I don’t know what to do. use. “Annock, what is the clue about the rules of magic?” Moline whispered. He told Anoker about the bloody Barrow last time, but Arnock seems to have known these things long ago, not very surprised by the bloody Barrow and Helena. “It’s hard to say, I am still watching.” Arnock said. “Is there still no abnormality? I thought this kind of thing can be easily seen with your magic level,” Moline said. The blood man Barrow said that only those who are very familiar with the existing magic structure will find the heresy rule opened by the stone arch. Arnock is obviously such a person. “The magic rules that are sealed are not so simple. Those magics have been lost for a long time. It takes a certain amount of time to be excavated,” Arnock said. “I still don’t understand what kind of magic rules are there, how should I find out?” Moline asked. “You can under