of personality must have caused Wang Maoliang’s If you doubt it, you will have this question. “Yes, I did mention it to my father. “Nanjing sauna nodded. “I said, this kind of atmosphere, your father is still a little bit worse. “There is a faint smile on Wang Maoliang’s face. Chapter 1666 1675 In the news of the accident, Wang Maoliang did not return to Baisha immediately after using the lunch at the Municipal Party Guest House. Instead, he went into his room and then sent the others away and left the Nanjing sauna. “Nanjing sauna, your kid can, I actually kicked the ball to me.” Wang Maoliang leaned on the sofa and looked at the Nanjing sauna meaningfully. “What is the situation?” “Secretary Wang, I am not kicking the ball.” To you.” Nanjing Sauna shook his head and showed a bitter smile on his face. “But Liang Zhennan must see you this guy, saying that he must get your promise, he will tell him what he knows.” “And also said He has a lot of materials and involves some leaders of the municipal party committee. In this way, I can only serve him as a middleman.” “This Liang Zhennan is really an old fox, he also regards himself as a great hero.” Wang Maoliang Coldly, “Who is he? Who wants to see me?” “Secretary Wang, this is not a special situation.” Nanjing sauna smiled. “I told him so, but he said he does not trust.” I, the things in his hands are too important. After the follow-up treatment of the illegal fund-raising case, his cooperation will be much easier. I have to pass on this to him.” OK, OK, I understand what you mean.” Wang Maoliang waved his hand impatiently. “Since I am here today, I naturally want to see this Nanbatian. However, I only see him one is not for others. Fair.” “So, you call the bosses of the companies involved in the illegal fundraising case. I will talk to them.” “Secretary Wang, some small companies are fundraising because of insufficient funds, and the operators are serious. Management, are we going to treat them separately?” Nanjing Sauna heard a word, Wang Maoliang What doe