ot me…” ———— The first slogan of the second motto of the Secret Olympics, which cannot be said in the Olympic Village: “The village, Not to be rumored.” From the delegations of various countries to the Olympic Village, that is, since then, “the secret game in the village” has begun. This seems to be the first day of college. I feel a little nervous, but I am also very excited. Everyone starts to look at it and hook it up. Even if it is not what everyone expected, it is very understandable. A large group of super-healthy young people have received the same intensity training as military training for several years. Suddenly, everyone was placed in a closed space that was disturbed by paparazzi and skeptical parents. . . The air before the game was full of hormonal atmosphere, and the concentration seemed to start to rise rapidly. At this time, all the athletes in the Olympic Village reduced the training intensity, but they maintained the training diet. Every day, I still need the calories needed for training, but I don’t want to train. There is nowhere to use the jing force. Every day I see a variety of girls from all over the world. The entire Olympic Village has become a melting pot, even though the Olympic Village in Beijing has deliberately avoided this problem and even changed the Olympic practice of free distribution of small raincoats. . . Still can’t stop the gunmen who accidentally opened the PAO room, the big men who fought in the four-player, the Germans who were not as happy as the Lele, the diving team that was based on the qing, and the true love in the village. . . . . . In the early morning of the next morning, in the spacious dormitory with closed curtains, Alison was awake when the mobile phone was fixed. The sleepy eyes of the blind eyes opened hard, and the mobile phone that grabbed the continuous sound was pressed and closed. eye. “Why do you want to set such an early time?” Alison felt the unscrupulous claws of Lushan. “It was time to get up and training…” Nanjing sauna tightly cl

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on Sheng Shihua.” Chapter 1469 Wishful 2 “There is still this thing, I have not heard of it.” Nanjing sauna slowly shook his head, although he already knew from Huang Zhong that Hai Minghui went to Wuling’s background, but this time his face was Acting as if without knowing it. At this time, Lei Guofu said that Sheng Shihua recommended that Hai Minghui go to Wuling as the head of the municipal party committee. For the reason, he did not tell him the background of Hai Minghui, but suggested that he had united with other provincial committees. Big up. However, Wang Maoliang’s reaction was also extremely fast. Hai Minghui sent a small report to Zhao Qingyang to the provincial party committee. Wang Maoliang Ma asked the provincial party committee to go to Yiyang to investigate the fund-raising case. Obviously, Wang Maoliang did not intend to retreat this time. Perhaps he felt that the peaceful coexistence with Guan Ping was just a wishful thinking. He realized that peace was not seeking, but was called. In the past, Chairman Mao had a good saying, and peace was the struggle for peace. “I was listening to the governor.” Lei Guofu smiled. “Hai Minghui is young, and he can go to Wuling to play the heat. It is definitely not so simple. I heard that the son-in-law of Sheng Shuji is in Yueyang City. The mayor.” His voice slammed, his lips slammed, and a sneer screamed. “It’s good to marry people. People and people really can’t do it.” “Okay, don’t be like a blame.” The Nanjing sauna laughed and took a drink. “Let you go to Wuling as the head of the city committee. You are not necessarily happy. Wuling is only a big place.” “Who said, I am not happy.” Lei Guofu snorted. “A good deaf is also the top leader, and there is a mayor of yours. Wuling’s achievements are inevitable. Sitting in the office and drinking tea and reading the newspapers will have results. The fool will not go.” The knock on the door rang, and Lei Guofu’s secretary opened the door and walked in. “Boss, food.” The wine was quickly delivered. Lei Guof

hat the Wuling officialdom has been in a thousand warehouses. The status of the Nanjing sauna is different now. The first thing he should consider is the safety and stability of the Wuling officialdom. Perhaps, Peng Shuangquan is aware of this and dare to let the Finance Bureau card unscrupulously Of course, the construction of the project, the Nanjing sauna can completely ignore, let the construction party to find Peng Shuangquan negotiations, but the problem is that this project is personally arrested by the Nanjing sauna, if even the project funds help Not busy, not only is his reputation as a blow, is it harder to catch engineering projects in the future? This problem must be solved. The Nanjing sauna snorted and a flash of cold light appeared in the eyes. Chapter 1349 The prelude of the storm is the office building of the Wuling Municipal Government and the office of the mayor. Tian Ming leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes slightly. The deputy secretary-general of the municipal government, Li Huagong, stood respectfully at a distance of five steps from the desk. The situation has been reported in detail. Then, just wait for the instructions of the leader. Li Hua’s heart has been very satisfied with the change from the deputy director of the municipal government office to the deputy secretary-general. Moreover, the vice-mayor of the Nanjing sauna is not a person who likes to take power. Many things are handed over to him. It is naturally much more busy to spend his leisure time in the city government office. Officialdom, leisure means no power in your hands, which means that no one takes you seriously. When you meet a powerful department, no one will take care of you. At most, the surface is a little bit of face, screaming, turning improperly. It’s all about it. When Li Hua was ready to be a helper for the Nanjing sauna, it was suddenly reported that the Nanjing sauna was actually the mayor! This made Li Hua feel a bit stunned. This Nima promotion is too fast. It is undeniable that the capacity of

on his plate. You can run the Nanjing sauna to get back. Zhao Huarong said this. The Nanjing sauna is naturally understandable. He smiled. “Mayor Zhao is very polite. Since the mayor has handed this work over to me, he can only catch the duck rack. Fortunately, the mayor is not disappointed. “Yes, when did you learn to come back?” “The class has not finished yet.” Zhao Huarong smiled and took the cigarettes from the Nanjing sauna. “This time I have something to deal with at home. I have to take a few days off and come back. Yes, Mayor Hu, the project has been approved and the preparatory work is going to be carried out.” ? This is a temptation. The Nanjing sauna smiled and shook his head. “Zhao Mayor, the mayor just handed me the project. As for the highway project, I don’t intervene. After all, this is your split.” Work, let me have a bunch of things in my own hands. “Hu Mayor, how is this going, this project, but you personally ran down, how can you leave you?” Zhao Huarong heard a glimpse of it, some couldn’t believe his ears. I don’t know how much oil and water in such a big project. The Nanjing sauna actually let go, although the Nanjing sauna home has more money, but no one can be afraid of it. More money is biting. Moreover, which project in the year is spent on the money? Besides, the contractors are not earning a lot of money, is it wrong to take some money from them? This Zhao Huarong is really interesting. He only said that he ran the project, but he did not mention the matter of forming the engineering headquarters. It seems that he really wants to be monopolized in the engineering headquarters. Do you want to throw this hot potato out? However, the Nanjing sauna looked at Zhao Huarong’s eyes with green light. He has done enough of this thing, and it’s time for him to retreat. After all, such a major There are a lot of tricks in the project, which is not only a problem in China. As long as there is interest, no matter what kind of race, there will be ideas to get the most benefit. This is due to hu

ficialdom. Chicken flying dog jumps. The Nanjing sauna sighed. “And, Minister Qiu made a decision in the Standing Committee, so it made such an election storm. In fact, apart from causing a little trouble to the provincial party committee, I think Minister Qiu is a big man.” The idea of ??work is also quite good. Zuo Xiaomei heard a sigh of relief, looked up at the Nanjing sauna and looked at the Nanjing sauna face with a faint smile. She vaguely understood that Qiu Fenghua’s idea of ??working at the National People’s Congress was quite good. Does that mean Chen Jia? Want to let Qiu Fenghua go to the National People’s Congress? The director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress is usually served by the secretary of the provincial party committee. Wang Maoliang’s strong personality will naturally not give up the position of the director of the National People’s Congress. If Qiu Fenghua goes to the provincial people’s congress, he can only serve as the deputy director. The provincial party committee organization minister went to the provincial people’s congress as the deputy director, and the position was flat, but the power was almost different. The organization minister was the seat of the official hat, or the provincial party committee. The deputy director of the provincial people’s congress did not have any real power. Fenghua is going to serve as deputy governor and he is much more deputy director of this NPC. From the provincial party committee, the provincial party committee organization minister was kicked out of the power of Jiangnan Province, which is absolutely unacceptable for Qiu Fenghua, Qiu Fenghua obviously I also realized this, so he has been moving away from activities during this time. After all, the governor Guan Pingzhi is a Chen family. Although Qiu Fenghua is also in the face, but the strength of his department with Chen Jia is still a bit thin. Now he wants to make a move in the election, stepping on the Nanjing sauna, Chen can easily put After him? And once Guan Pi

ease 10 films produced by Marvel in the next 8 years. The Nanjing sauna heard that it was not wrinkled by the brows. Nima, the people who were really arrogant were all a group of pit goods, filled in a pit, and turned and dug a deep pit to bury themselves. Al saw the boss. Depressed expression, can not help but sympathize with the heart, the boss’s fancy company is completely dead with the gene. “However, the real situation that I am inquiring about is that there is another version. The real request for the recovery of the IP rights of this group of superheroes is the new ceo Kevin Page, the Marvel Entertainment subsidiary Marvel Entertainment. He wants to put Marvel. The character is bought back, then made into a movie, and the various characters are like comics, there is an intersection in the movie.” Nanjing sauna eyes are slightly stunned, it seems that this Kevin Page is the real talent, it should be his perfect structure. The Marvel movie universe. “Although Marvel worked hard to negotiate, it did not buy back all copyrights. The copyrights of “X-Men” and “Spider-Man” still belong to the 20th Century Fox Film Company and Sony Pictures.” The Nanjing sauna directly turned a blind eye, he But knowing how much Fox and Sony are shameless, these two series almost let them dry out, especially Sony’s little spider, Nima is unable to spit. “Is there any good news that I need…” The Nanjing sauna really makes the death experience of Marvel Entertainment go to disgusting, except for the crazy big sale is the high price recovery, tossing back and forth before and after, not bankrupt. “Oh, there is really one, maybe you will like the boss. There are huge contradictions in Marvel, and it is difficult to reconcile. Some shareholders have a great resentment against management for the increasing debt and profitability of Marvel. Especially the new ceo Kevin Page, Marvel Films, and the parent company’s ceo Ike are not right.” Nanjing sauna eyes are bright, his mouth is smiling, his favorite is this kind of internal compan

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because Lao Li is not talking, just sitting there, the whole person exudes an invisible majesty, People don’t dare to look at it. This kind of feeling is often seen in the teacher’s body. This is a kind of momentum that has been formed for a long time and naturally formed. “Old Li, I am going to force the palace, you have to be careful.” Nanjing sauna smiled and dropped the chess piece, looked up and looked at Lao Li. “Young man, your chess is good, it is too young, and you always look forward to it. In fact, I have already seen the dawn of hope.” Lao Li smiled slowly, slowly moving his own piece, knocking it off The death of the Nanjing sauna. “That will wait to see who is welcoming the dawn of victory.” Nanjing sauna smiled, continued his own car after the gun’s lore plan, lifted the gun to the chessboard and gently put it, the next step is to put the horse From the left, the old man of Lao Li must have no way to escape. “Little Hu, you, still too young, too eager to seek success.” Old Li haha ??laughed, brought the chess piece, took a step into the horse eight, and did not seem to care about the Nanjing sauna. Lying horse! The Nanjing sauna saw a glimpse of it. Inadvertently, Lao Li had forced him to death step by step. Although he could move the old man to linger for a while, but how he changed the trend, Lao Li only needs to support one person. However, his horse was lying in a trough and basically announced the end of the game. “I lost!” The Nanjing sauna is also a simple one. Since the defeat has been fixed, it does not matter if you are struggling again. It is not fun to play chess. “Old, energy can’t compare with your young people, take a break.” Lao Li raised his hand and tapped his forehead gently, and got up and stretched out. “Xiaohu, where are you as a soldier? Is this a job change?” “I am from Chenzhou City, Jiangnan Province, and I am a soldier in the northwest.” The Nanjing sauna nodded sadly and sighed. “But now it has changed jobs.” “Oh, you are also a Ganzhou person?” Old Li Wenyan Hey, “I thi

of the hand, the Nanjing sauna turned around and saw the woman lying motionless on the bed, not in the air. Under the black, a muddy glow in the dim light. “Da, big, I will look at the children first.” Nanjing sauna reached out and picked up the quilt on the ground, covered the woman, then walked to the door and reached out to explore the little girl’s nose, gently relieved, Turned around and found a rope to tie up the brawny who had passed out and threw him into the yard. Splashes of dust from a place. The Nanjing sauna looked up and saw the east of the distant sky. The sun was about to come out, and the layers of white clouds were stained with blood red and red. Chapter 003 The anti-terrorist hero train ran fast on the rails, and the trees on both sides of the track flew back in a lightning-fast manner. The wheels of the train circulated on the rails at high speed, making a sound of “conditions, and conditions.” The curtains and blinds in front of the window glass of the train have been beautifully tied up like a butterfly that wants to fly. The sun shines through the glass and throws it on the body of the Nanjing sauna, so that the body has been removed. The camouflage suit with the epaulettes is more obsolete. In the hands of the Nanjing sauna, there is a chess piece, and the brow is slightly twisted. The situation is very good at the moment. Just wait for him to knock out the other side’s bottom phase, and then form a fierce combination of the rear cannon. In the blink of an eye, only a faint uneasiness in his heart, it seems that Lao Li will not be so easy to let himself succeed. Lao Li is actually not old. It looks like he is fifty years old. He has a big back and his forehead looks shiny and bright with a hint of bright yellow. According to the statement of the Nanjing sauna grandfather Hu Banxian, that is the official residence of this person. Excellent, it must be a big official. Although the Nanjing sauna does not quite believe in the superstitions of Grandpa, he also feels that Lao Li is not simple,

rushed into the nose of the hall, he smelled a faint bloody smell, and his heart slammed and kicked open. The bedroom door on the side rushed in. At the door of the bedroom, a little girl reclined on the ground, the blood on the top of the head had condensed, the incandescent lamp on the roof gave a faint light, a woman was lying on the bed with a shawl, a strong, overgrown man I was doing my madness in my body, and I was breathing heavily in my mouth. The brawny sees the Nanjing sauna rushing in and does not stop the action, but more effort, his eyes emit a radiant glow, and a hint of snoring in the throat. The Nanjing sauna was so angry that the wooden stick in his hand swept out hard. He used his grandfather to practice martial arts at home. After entering the military school, he went to the military school and learned a hard qigong from an instructor who came back from Vietnam. Do your best, how powerful the power is, and only hear a loud noise. The wooden stick lingered on the head of the strong man, and instantly broke into two pieces. A blood spurt out, and the whole man was swept away. The strong man squatted on the ground, at the foot of the Nanjing sauna With a little force, the whole body smashed in the past, and the left hand flashed forward and grabbed his neck. The right hand raised a slap in the face. “When the soldiers, let me go, there are 200,000 cash in my bag outside!” The strong man has not fainted, his fat hands grabbed the left hand of the Nanjing sauna and wanted to take his hand away. He had already breathed. But the gas came, just a little bit of psychological pain, if he was not cool, how could he care about such a skinny boy, but now he is completely convinced, this kid’s hand is like a steel tongs, clamp him The neck, as long as he drags for another minute, he will hang up. “Go to death.” Nanjing sauna roared, and raised his right hand and slammed it down. He instantly turned the brawny into a pig’s head. Unfortunately, this guy has passed out and he will not feel pain! When I let go

he distance squatted down. Several sergeants dressed in uniforms stood neatly in a row. A three-level sergeant who took the lead gave a low drink: “To the deputy battalion commander, salute!” “Oh!” Only the right hand was neatly arranged, and the five pairs of bright eyes followed the gradually blurred figure of the Nanjing sauna. The five non-commissioned officers are the Jiangnan fellows of the Nanjing sauna. What is even more rare is that the five of them and the Nanjing sauna are all from the city of Ganzhou, Jiangnan Province. “Squad leader, why should the deputy battalion commander sneak away like this?” A childish sergeant was somewhat puzzled. The leading three-level sergeant gave him a look: “You know a fart, the battalion commander does not want to be sad.” Our battalion is the first place in the whole regiment every year. We are not relying on our deputy battalion commander. Do you think he is willing to leave?” “Can the battalion commander not leave?” Do not understand, the three-level sergeant sighed: “Some things are not we can be the master, remember what the battalion commander often said, it is going to rain, the mother wants to marry, let him go!” Nanjing sauna does not know his intention He was seen by a fellow and former front. At this moment, he has stepped out of the camp and walked silently under the salute of the sentinel. Chapter 002 The bloody dawn of the second camp is located in the mountains, there is no pedestrian on the rugged road, there is no trace of sound, the silence makes people feel a little worried. The Nanjing sauna stood on the road for a moment. The cold wind rolled up the yellow sand and rushed to the face. He reached out and touched the dust in front of him. He immediately made a decision to climb the mountain and copy the path, otherwise he could not catch up with the train at night. The Nanjing sauna has long been familiar with the mountains of this generation. No matter the wind and rain in the whole season, the ice comes, the snow leads to the soldiers to train, tra