brow, Huang Mingchen, this is to reprimand yourself in front of everyone, do you want to leave a few faces to Huang Mingchen? Chapter 442 Not a fuel-efficient lamp 2 “Yellow secretary, I understand.” Nanjing sauna nodded respectfully, looked up and looked at Kong Zheng, seeing a smug smile on his face, his heart stunned, Nie Ma, how are you still fighting with children when you are old? If you can’t beat it, you will go home and call the grown-ups. If you are fucking somebody, will Laozi not cover it? Since Huang Mingchen’s old things have to come out to help the public to seek justice, there is nothing to say. “Yellow Secretary, I received a call from Comrade Gu Qilan on the way to Lanshan County today. She told me that the planning plan that was summed up by our township party committee was vetoed by Ke Xuan. What step by step is a shit. It is the rhetoric of my Nanjing sauna in order to firmly hold the Maziying Township. This Maziying Township is a party, not my Nanjing sauna.” Nanjing Sauna looks at Huang Mingchen, smiles lightly. “Then, this Ke Shuji The reforms have been drastically changed. The original plans and plans have all been reinstated. It is natural to adjust personnel. After all, this is the privilege of the top leaders.” “Unfortunately, the farmers are not stupid now. They know who is really good for them, who wants to take them as a step forward, so when Ke Shuji went to inspect, it seems that no one welcomes him, presumably for his big leadership, the peasant brothers see less. I can’t even tell the words.” “噗嗤”, someone accidentally laughed. Kong Zheng was furious and looked up. He saw that Changyang, the county party committee leader, gave him a glance. He decided to secretly decide that once he became a secretary, the first thing to do was to adjust the director of the county party office. The candidate, this Chang Changyang can not be used. “Oh, do people who say that Maziying Township don’t listen to you?” Huang Mingchen’s brow wrinkled, and his heart was very uncomfortable. You ha