ach other. Which party is the representative of the Sunan Military Region? Big. Bai Bai’s heart glimpses, Fan Ze and Li Yidong’s two commander’s disputes are still involved in the dispute between Chinese leaders. There are nine of the most Xi’an wedding car rentals in Huaguo, and they are called the nine leaders. Is really owned to Xi’an wedding car rental without In the existence of power, it is said that these nine leaders not only have the power to rent the most Xi’an wedding car in China, but also the invincible giants in the world. To become a leader of the Chinese nation, it is not only necessary to have strong personal connections and the support of all parties, but also to have the ability to govern the country. The more important one is that it must be an invincible strongman and possess the personal strength of the strong. There is a lack of the three, only the three are one, and then have a certain air transport, in order to climb to success. Now Bai Ou also knows that among the nine leaders, there is a temporary shortage for some reason, but they do not want to be qualified to compete for the people who want to climb to the top of the Fan family and the Wu family. The Fan family in the southern province of Jiangsu can only be regarded as a sideline of the real Fan family. The Li family in the provincial capital can also compete with the fan family. Of course, in this competition, the province The city’s Li family is standing on the side of the Wu family. This kind of battle is very cruel. The winner is indeed successful in the summit, and he is full of glory and wealth. The loser is only afraid of defeating his name. The end of the battle is unimaginable. Once this battle begins, there will be no turning back. Before the White Europe, I thought that this kind of battle was too far away from myself, and I couldn’t take it for myself. Chapter 169 The military king warned that he never expected to join the Longjun to seek refuge this time, and even inadvertently involved in such a struggle. His Xi’a