s own interests, it is fundamental. Jiang Yue looked at the firmness of Muzawa’s face and felt that he had just suggested that he should have heard the heart go to the level. This way, pay Although it is big, once it succeeds, it is passed down through word of mouth, but it is not possible to achieve an effect by advertising. “A lot of people are like this. When they come into contact with a new thing, they can’t be sure whether they are good or bad. Even if they have seen advertisements, they have not experienced it personally or are close to the recommendation.” Jiang Yue said. “Moon, you said I understand, you don’t have to worry about me not listening, you know, I am a dead horse as a living horse.” Muze Yun smiled. At the beginning, it was really very simple. Otherwise, when the boss is very profitable, why more people are still willing to be employees, earning a stable salary, nothing more than no risk, and be practical. How much risk you have to bear, how much risk you have to bear. If you get it, you will lose it. This is inevitable. In this world, where are there so many beautiful things? After listening to Jiang Yue’s suggestion, Yu Zeyun said with Zhou Qianmo the next day. After Zhou Ai Mo listened, he asked: “Is this what Jiang Yue thought?” “Yes.” There was a question on the face of Ozawa, apparently wondering how Zhou Ai Mo would know. Zhou Aiji saw and smiled: “You are a stable person, even if you are starting a business, it is also the way left by the predecessors. The way to take risks is not because you think it is very likely.” He is in contact with Muze Cloud. Although there are not many, there is still a certain degree of understanding of the Muze Cloud. Ozawa cloud is not an adventurous person. The method of such a high degree of risk, if it is not a big blow to the Ozawa cloud, 80% may not be his own. “Yes.” Muze Cloud nodded, watching Zhou Xiaomo secretly smile, “Moon.” Muzeyun mentioned Jiang Yue, Liansheng’s serious expression dissipated a lot, with a gentle appearance. She is him, and