It is reasonable to want a little reward. Things. However, how does she think she has the strength to help her? The Nanjing sauna touched the nose, and suddenly I remembered that Ding Yanru had asked myself if she was a friend with Hanako. Was she playing the idea of ??looking for Hanako? This possibility is very big, the Nanjing sauna face a bitter smile, raised his hand and knocked on Ding Yanru’s door, “咔嚓”, the door opened from the inside, revealing Ding Yanru’s beautiful face, “Come in and sit down I just changed my clothes.” “Don’t worry, your dad said that he is tired to take a break. I will call the mayor of Cao to push the time back and let your dad take a good rest.” The sauna entered the house, took out the phone and dialed Cao Jianmin’s phone, and simply reported the situation just now. Cao Jianmin’s instructions are very simple, and must ensure Ding Jie’s physical health. “Yan Ru, your dad just said a few words to me, I think it is necessary to tell you about it.” Nanjing sauna sat on the sofa, put a cigarette into his mouth, looked at Ding Yanru, “Your dad said After all, they are brothers and sisters. Some things still have to be measured.” His voice was a little, and his face showed a faint smile. “Yan Ru, I explained in advance that I am not so big enough to help you deal with your two.” Brother.” “No, no, you can really help me.” Ding Yanru gently shook his head, and the chest trembled and trembled. “Nanjing sauna, I don’t want you, the reason is to help you.” I hope that you can pull me.” “As for the shit things in my family, I will not say anything. Anyway, I have taken care of my family business in these years. The family business is full of my credit.” When it was time to split up, they actually said that I am a daughter, only give me 10%. Do you say this is fair?” Chapter 716 There is no lunch in the world. Chapter 716 has no free lunch. “This is indeed unfair.” The Nanjing sauna slowly shook his head. “But, Yanru, this is just the internal thing of your family, and the outsiders are not